Deluxe Roll-Up

Our Roll-Up Deluxe is a roller banner with a high-quality base that ensures your message stands out from the competition. The banner is easy to assemble and pack away, and is great for promoting your product at trade fairs and pop-up events, or during sales and promotions in your shop.

  • Three materials to choose from
  • Carry bag included
  • Two different sizes
  • Assembly instructions

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Luxury Advertising with Your Deluxe Roll-Up

When it comes to an important trade show or event, it's essential for businesses to pay attention to every detail. The first impression we receive from a brand often plays a crucial role in deciding whether we make a purchase or not. Therefore, your advertising must be impeccable. But how do you achieve this? At Pixartprinting, we have the answer: with our deluxe roll-up, we ensure that you leave nothing to chance and make a significant impact at your events. Pixartprinting's deluxe roll-ups are the ideal advertising tool for a company at a trade show or event. These retractable displays, with a high-quality base, will make your message stand out from the rest. Give your brand that extra boost you're looking for and order your deluxe roll-up now.

Customize Your Deluxe Roll-Up to Match Your Brand's Style

Deluxe roll-ups are known for their high-quality base, which provides extra strength and impact to your displays. But that's not all. It's also fully customizable to align with your brand's image. The customization options we offer include:

  • Material: We offer three high-quality materials for your deluxe roll-ups. We have EcoFlat with 398 g/m², a multi-layer, wrinkle-resistant canvas that blocks light. You can create your deluxe roll-up with Matte Back Polyester Fabric with 240 g/m², a dense polyester fabric with a matte black back. You can also choose PVC-free PET, a material made from PET without PVC.
  • Printing Features: Deluxe roll-ups allow printing on the front side only, as they are single-sided displays.
  • Format: We offer two different sizes for your deluxe roll-ups (85 × 200 cm and 100 × 200 cm).
  • Structure: You can choose whether you want us to send the structure with your deluxe roll-ups or just the printing.
  • Assembly: We offer the option of receiving the canvas attached to the structure, making your deluxe roll-ups ready for use.

How to Order Your Deluxe Roll-Up

By now, you should have a clear idea that deluxe roll-ups are what your business needs. To order them, simply follow these steps. You'll see how easy it is:

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Select all the customization options you want to apply to your deluxe roll-ups.
  3. Upload the printing file for your deluxe roll-ups, using the template we provide.
  4. Choose the quantity of deluxe roll-ups you want us to send and select a delivery date.
  5. Wait for it to arrive and start enjoying luxury and impactful advertising.

Order them now! It couldn't be easier!

Your Deluxe Roll-Up Designed by Experts

Need help with the design of your printing file? Can't get it configured correctly, or simply prefer experts in the field to take care of it? You're in luck: at Pixartprinting, we offer a Design Service staffed by graphic designers who will assist you in creating the best printing file possible for your deluxe roll-ups. Our designers will either modify your existing printing file or create a file from scratch. The choice is yours!

Deluxe Roll-Ups and Many More Products!

Did you know that at Pixartprinting, we offer many more types of roll-ups besides the deluxe roll-up? Want to take a look? Here are some recommendations. If you want to boost your communication from every angle, 360°, double-sided classic roll-ups are an ideal choice for your business. But what if, in addition to 360° promotion, you want your roll-up to have superior quality? No problem: double-sided deluxe roll-ups are the option you're looking for. Lastly, as a complement to your roll-ups, we recommend you take a look at our magnetic advertising displays. Every detail matters!