Classic Business Cards

Just two papers – classic demimatt or gloss – provide infinite ways to introduce yourself. Paper business cards are an essential communication tool: take them with you to business meetings, give them to contacts at a trade fairs or hand them out in your shop..

  • 3 sizes
  • Option of different front and back

Classic Paper Business Cards: the timeless Standard format

The Paper Business Cards are undoubtedly the most well-known and widely used. The rectangular Standard format allows you to display information on the surface in a simple and organized way, while the Coated Paper they are made of allows access to an affordable price even for large print runs, without compromising the quality of the final product. A Classic Business Card is a reliable and effective communication tool that never goes out of style: a first "handshake" to introduce yourself to customers quickly and with essential yet crucial information.

Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for printing business cards with logos. You can take advantage of our state-of-the-art printing technologies to create your high-quality promotional items. Within our website, you can choose the customization options that suit you and shape your ideal business card. You can do it with just a few simple clicks, and then receive your new business cards directly in the office with total convenience.

Print Your New Paper Business Cards with Your Company Logo and Contacts!

Through the product configuration, you can create the company business card with the features you desire. We offer various customization options:

  1. Size:
    • Rectangular 8.5 x 5.5 cm,
    • Rectangular 9 x 5 cm,
    • Rectangular 8.5 x 5 cm.
  2. Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical.
  3. Material: Classic Demimatt Coated Paper or Classic Glossy Coated Paper.
  4. Weight: 400 gsm, 350 gsm, 300 gsm, 250 gsm.
  5. Printing details: Different front and back, Identical front and back, Front side only.

Once you've selected the preferred configuration options, you can choose the best quantity and delivery date for you. Remember that ordering in advance with Pixartprinting is always advantageous! You can access lower prices in this way.

To achieve a high-level result, we recommend downloading the helpful template from the product page. Inside, you will find all the instructions for correctly setting up the file containing your graphics. This way, you can be sure to receive business cards that perfectly match your expectations.

How to Create Your Business Card with a Logo: Useful Tips

Business cards are useful marketing tools used to provide potential customers with information about your business. They should be able to impress, serve as a reminder, and give customers an input to get in touch. However, many people don't know how to use this simple yet powerful communication tool. But here are some tips on creating business cards with a logo so that you can also create your company business card!

  1. The Design: Business cards should be simple but not dull. Business cards are an excellent way to showcase your creativity. Business cards can have many shapes, sizes, and colors, so don't feel limited by the classic business card design.
  2. Colors: Color is one of the most important parts of a company business card. Business cards should be designed with colors that match the look of your brand. It is essential to use fonts, designs, and images that are as consistent as possible with your brand.
  3. The Font: Business cards should use easily readable fonts at a quick glance. A common mistake many people make when designing their business cards is using fonts that are too small, making it harder for potential customers to read your information.
  4. Image: The design of business cards can include both images and text. If you decide to use images, opt for stylized designs rather than detailed images. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you can use an image of a steaming cup of coffee or a stylized coffee bean. Highly detailed images may get lost on a small business card.
  5. The Paper: Business cards can be printed on different types of paper, such as matte or glossy, and in different formats. Play with tactile sensations and choose the paper that best represents your brand; smooth and minimal or rough and raw?
  6. Embossing Effect: Remember that your business cards with logos can also be printed with an embossed effect to make the card stand out even more. For example, use embossing to further highlight your logo.
  7. The Logo: Business cards should always contain your company's logo so that potential customers recognize the brand at first glance.
  8. The Back: Remember that there is also the back of the business cards, and you can use it to include contact information, while the other side can remain free of clutter to highlight the logo, large and central.

Your Company Business Card. Here's What Not to Do!

  • Business cards should not be boring: Business cards should make an impression and capture the customer's attention, but this also means that your business card should stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Having your photo on the business cards is not necessary: Business cards with photos are not recommended, but if you choose to include one, make sure the photo is of excellent quality and gives a friendly impression! No one wants to call someone who looks unfriendly.
  • Business cards without a logo: If your business card doesn't have a logo, potential customers have no way to recognize your brand or contact information.
  • Business cards should not have too much text, especially in very small fonts. Use large fonts so potential customers can easily read everything.

What Information to Include in a Classic Business Card?

You have a few centimeters of surface available to provide your customers (or potential ones) with all the essential information to describe your business and the possible contact channels they can use to get to know you better. What to include to get it right?

  • Your name and surname, or the name of your company (or both!)
  • Your profession or what you do
  • Your company logo
  • All the contact details you consider essential (phone number, email address, website, social profiles, etc.)
  • The address of your company's headquarters
  • A payoff or a short phrase that describes your philosophy

Clearly, much depends on the type of business you want to promote. The information you can include will inevitably be related to the purpose of your promotional activity. The listed information is the main information usually printed on a Paper Business Card to provide customers with all the essential contact information.

Think about the nature of your business and unleash your creativity to create unique business cards capable of not going unnoticed!

Paper Business Cards: Models and Templates

For printing your new Business Cards, you can also choose one of our Templates. We offer many Models, all customizable with our online editor: you can replace the image, insert or remove elements, change colors... Select "Discover the models" and view the gallery to find your favorite! Today, with Pixartprinting, creating classic business cards is even easier.

Standard or Innovative Solutions Just a Click Away: Classic Business Cards and Other Ideas by Pixartprinting

Our extensive catalog includes many Business Card models. In addition to the Classic Standard format, we offer many other solutions characterized by original shapes and materials. Are you a creative or do you simply love innovative ideas? Then we recommend taking a look at our PVC Business Cards: unusual, flexible, and resistant. Do you want to amaze your customers? Discover the Luxury Business Cards and express your brand's personality through the choice of material.