Wine and Spirit Labels

Give your bottles the perfect look with our wine and spirit labels. Resistant to liquid, they ensure your artwork remains intact if immersed in water or ice, and maintain good adhesion even in contact with damp surfaces. Make your wine, spirit or soft drink stand out on the shelf.

  • 11 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available
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Bottle label printing in the UK: build your own luxury line

A great taste and sophisticated look: the perfect combination for an alcoholic drink that will get your customers' attention. Pixartprinting's wine and spirit labels are an incisive way to promote your brand.

With Pixartprinting’s high-quality drinks label printing service you can use your own ideas and build the ideal custom printed bottle labels for your business.

Customised drinks label printing

You can choose from various customisation options to create labels that are the perfect fit for your brand.

  • Size: you can unleash your creativity and customise the size and shape or there are three pre-defined shapes to choose from: circular, square or rectangular. You can also specify the dimensions of the labels, from a minimum of 1x1 cm to a maximum of 30x30 cm.
  • Material: out of the ten options available, there are three that are most suitable for custom printed bottle labels. If you want to create a luxury product, the satin paper is the one for you. Its pearly white colour and satin effect make it particularly suitable for industry use. Alternatively, if you are looking for labels that are resistant to stains from oil and vegetable fats but are also suitable for glass containers, choose the natural greaseproof paper or the laid greaseproof paper. You can also use any of the other materials: black pulp-dyed paper; Betulla laid paper, white polypropylene, transparent polypropylene, natural white paper, classic coated or classic uncoated paper.
  • Output direction: you can choose from 0°, 90°, 180° or -90°.
  • Distance between the labels: there must be at least 0.8 cm between each label.
  • Inside diameter of the reel: 76 mm.
  • Number of rolls: you can decide the number of rolls to print your labels on from four options: one roll 33 cm high, two rolls 16.5 cm high, three rolls 11 cm high or six rolls 5.5 cm high.
  • Label cutting method: Kiss Cut with backing left on.
  • Finish: Labellife 3 scratch-resistant varnish.

Products to complement your wine and spirit labels

Not only does Pixartprinting offer bottle label printing in the UK, but if you want to enhance your products even further, you can order our bottle holders.