Packaging Sample Pack

The packaging sample pack brings together three different sample collections: cardboard packaging, shipping supplies and flexible packaging.
Choose whether to order them individually or all three together: each pack contains a selection of physical product samples showing the various options and finishes available, along with lots of detailed information accessible via the QR code provided with each box.

Packaging Sample Pack

Are you searching for the best packaging solution for your items? With the new Packaging Sample Pack from Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to discover, explore, and experience our top products firsthand. We offer over 35 models of customized boxes and envelopes that are ready to be printed with your graphics. They will help protect, promote, and ship your products. Inside the Packaging Sample Pack, you will find cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, and Doypack pouches for flexible packaging. Discover the solution that suits your needs best!

The Versatility of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging is suitable for various types of products, such as jewelry, clothing items, medicines, food products, and cosmetics. For creating your customized boxes, you can choose from numerous models and six different materials. You also have the option to enhance their appearance with internal printing and embellishments. Additionally, with the internal cutting option, you can add a shaped window to the box.

If your new boxes are intended to hold food products, we recommend taking a look at our food packaging. It's a specifically curated category that includes models suitable for direct contact with food.

The Sturdiness of Shipping Packaging

If you run an e-commerce business or your commercial activity involves providing a delivery service, you should know that with Pixartprinting, you can print customized shipping boxes. These boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and designed to protect the contents from potential impacts during transportation. Once again, you have various models available, from the classic "American" boxes to book boxes. Discover them!

The Reliability of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging adapts to the content, protects it from moisture and external agents, and promotes it. You can choose between two types of envelopes: Doypack pouches or flat envelopes. Both can be fully customized with your graphics and are ideal for food products and supplements, cosmetics, coffee, and spices. Doypack pouches are made with multilayer technology that ensures excellent impermeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and aromas.