Loyalty cards

Turn every shopper into a repeat customer with our loyalty cards, the perfect way to incentivise further purchases. The cards are customisable with your logo, business contact details and exclusive perks, and will strengthen people's trust in your brand and ensure your branding is always in their pocket. Great for customers, strategic for you!

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Loyalty Cards and Membership Cards: A Powerful Customer Retention Tool

Loyalty Cards are a formidable customer retention tool for businesses across all sectors. These cards, such as Points Cards, offer exclusive benefits and rewards to customers who choose to return and make repeat purchases with a particular brand.

The effectiveness of Loyalty Cards is widely acknowledged in the marketing landscape as a means to boost sales and foster trust-based relationships with customers.

How to Create a Loyalty Card

Creating an effective Loyalty Card is a process that demands attention to detail and a deep understanding of customer needs. So, what are the steps?

  • Firstly, it's crucial to define the goals of the loyalty programme and identify the benefits and rewards that will be offered to customers.
  • Next, it's necessary to design the layout and design of the Loyalty Card, incorporating appealing visual elements and the company logo to ensure brand recognition.
  • Finally, printing: you just need to select the desired features, quantity, and delivery day in a few clicks. We'll handle the rest! We'll proceed to print it in high definition, at a very advantageous price.

Types of Loyalty Cards

There are various types of Loyalty Cards, each designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and customers. Among the most common are:

  • Points Cards, rewarding customers with points that accumulate with every purchase and can be converted into discounts, gifts, or rewards once a certain number of points are accumulated.
  • Tiered Cards, offering increasing benefits based on the customer's spending level. Typically, higher tiers offer more generous rewards or exclusive benefits, thus encouraging customers to spend more to reach the next level.
  • Stamp or sticker cards, operating on a system where, for every purchase or service used, the customer receives a stamp or sticker. After collecting a certain number of stamps or stickers, the customer can redeem them for a reward.
  • Exclusive Member Cards, which are loyalty cards often used to offer exclusive benefits such as early access to sales or special events.
  • Group or community affiliation cards, offering benefits and discounts to members of a specific group, community, or association.

Which loyalty card to choose? It all depends on the specific goals of the company (increase in purchase frequency, customer retention, etc.) and the target audience.

Customise and Print Your Loyalty Cards with Just a Few Clicks!

Through the product configuration, you can create your loyalty cards with the features you desire. We offer you various customisation options:

  1. Standard rectangular format 8.5 x 5.5 cm,
  2. Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical.
  3. Material: Classic demimatt matt coated paper or Classic gloss glossy coated paper.
  4. Weight: 350 gr or 300 gr.
  5. Printing options: Different front and back, Same front and back, Front only.

Once you've selected the configuration options you prefer, you can choose the quantity and delivery date that work best for you. Remember, ordering in advance with Pixartprinting always offers advantages! You'll indeed have access to lower prices.

To achieve top-notch results, we recommend downloading the helpful template from the product page. Inside, you'll find all the guidelines for correctly setting up the file containing your design. This way, you'll be sure to receive loyalty cards that meet your expectations exactly.

Magnetic Loyalty Cards

Another useful solution is to create a magnetic loyalty card, which can still contain all the necessary information and fit into a pocket or wallet.

Print your points card or loyalty card on a PVC card with a magnetic strip, which can then be scanned with the appropriate reader!

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