Synthetic Fabrics & Flags

A huge range of synthetic materials that ensure high-quality printing and bright colours. Ideal for use both indoors and out.

Flag Printing: Custom Flags for Maximum Visibility

Custom Flags: Enhance Your Events and Advertising with Quality Prints

Looking for durable advertising support for your business? Trust in our Custom Flags at the best price. At Pixartprinting, print both outdoor and indoor flags to elevate your events or enhance your store decor. Printing advertising flags is ideal for promoting brands at fairs, cinematic events, gastronomic events, sports events, or simply for adding a special touch to your establishment's decor. Our Custom Flags are versatile, catering to football fans, sports enthusiasts, or any group looking to draw attention to a shared cause under a unified banner.

Various Options for Your Custom Flags

Print your flags exactly as you want with a diverse range of options:

  • Material: Choose from 5 types of synthetic fabrics for your Custom Flags.
  • Cut: Square, rectangular, or uncut (on a roll). Note that Deluxe flag fabric is not available on a roll.
  • Orientation: Horizontal or vertical.
  • Base and Height: Minimum of 50 cm for both measurements.
  • Reinforcement Stitching: For PVC, featuring high-frequency welding, recommended for eyelets to prevent tearing. For fabric, a simple machine-folded hem, 2 cm of fabric folded twice and stitched with a straight stitch, can be applied to the entire perimeter or specific edges of your Custom Flags.
  • Channel or Hem: Allows ropes or tubes to provide rigidity to the fabric for flag printing. It has a 4 cm diameter and can be placed on the edge of your preference.
  • Accessories: Apply accessories such as eyelets, cords, and tension hooks in various areas of the perimeter of your outdoor or indoor Custom Flags.
  • Reinforcement: Utilize 27 mm bias tape with reinforcement stitching around the entire perimeter or on chosen sides; essential for Custom Flags with eyelets.

Create Custom Flags exactly according to your needs.

Custom Flags in Various Materials

Explore a wide range of fabrics for flag printing that perfectly suit your needs. Materials available for your Custom Flags include:

  • 100% Polyester Fabric - 235 g/m2: Wrinkle-resistant and waterproof, lasting up to 2 years outdoors; recommended for indoor banners.
  • Elastic Fabric - 215 g/m2: Polyester fabric with slight elasticity and wrinkle-resistant treatment; resistant to chemicals and abrasion, perfect for stable and durable Custom Flags.
  • Antivento Nautical Flag Fabric - 115 g/m2: Durable and wash-resistant windproof canvas, lasting up to 2 years outdoors.
  • Deluxe Flag Fabric for Indoor Use - 130 g/m2: High-quality woven fabric with brightness, definition, and color uniformity for impactful indoor flag printing.
  • TNT Light - 95 g/m2: Bright and defined colors, ideal for printing flags for temporary outdoor applications (2 weeks) and indefinite indoor use.

With Pixartprinting, printing outdoor and indoor flags is easy and highly effective for promotion.

Accessories for Your Custom Flags

Explore various accessories for applying to your flag printing. Include high-resistance polycarbonate eyelets for passing cords and cables, with a diameter of 2.3 cm, placed 0.5 cm from the edge. Additionally, use cords for attaching your Custom Flags to ropes or cables; selecting the bias tape reinforcement option is recommended. Cord length for flag printing is 15 cm. Apply a white plastic tension hook with white cotton tape to your outdoor or indoor flag fabric, measuring 2.5 × 4.7 cm (excluding fabric) with a hole of 1 × 2.4 cm.

All accessories can be applied to various parts of the perimeter of your Custom Flags—upper, lower, left, or right edge, or upper and lower or left and right edges—or the entire perimeter, ensuring that flag printing is exactly as you imagined!

Print Flags for Advertising in a Few Clicks

Trust Pixartprinting for printing advertising flags and other purposes. Customize your flag fabric, request a free online quote, and upon acceptance, upload your print file using the template and provided instructions. Receive your Custom Flags, with the chosen outdoor or indoor flag fabric, at the specified address on the established date—we collaborate with the best courier companies. For questions about creating your Custom Flags or after purchase, contact our Customer Service, and we'll be delighted to assist you!

Flag Printing and Much More

Create not only Custom Flags but also explore our range of items, including Banners and our complete section dedicated to Advertising Displays. At Pixartprinting, print outdoor and indoor flags for fully customized advertising and much more. Custom Flags and an extensive selection of quality items at the best price.