Charging cables

Add a touch of style to an everyday accessory. Customize our charging cables with your logo and promote your brand through an item that combines design and functionality.

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Enhance Your Brand with Custom USB Cables

Custom USB cables have become an essential element in every company's marketing arsenal that is trying to establish itself in the current commercial landscape. It's not just about improving the visual aspect of the brand, but providing a useful gadget that promotes the corporate image on every occasion of use.

Why invest in custom usb cables?

Integrating custom USB cables into your company's marketing strategy goes well beyond a simple aesthetic decision; it represents a cunning promotional move that produces concrete and measurable benefits.

When you choose to use these devices as part of your marketing approach, you are not only making a considered choice, but you are also investing in a practical tool that ensures constant visibility of your brand. Every time a custom USB cable is used, your company's logo is literally in the hands of customers and collaborators, acting as continuous promotion that goes beyond simple visual impact.

The benefits of customising your USB cable

  • Extended Personalisation: Modern printing and production technology allows advanced customisation, not only of color and logo, but also the shape and functionalities of the cable itself. This allows companies to create truly unique products that reflect their identity and specifically meet their customers' needs.
  • Viral Effect: Custom USB cables are often shared among colleagues and friends, especially in work or educational contexts, thus multiplying the brand visibility beyond the original recipient. This viral effect can generate a much wider impression, increasing the reach of the promotional campaign at no additional cost.
  • Duration Over Time: Unlike other promotional gadgets that may be forgotten or quickly consumed, a custom USB cable is a regularly used accessory that can last for years, ensuring long-term brand visibility.
  • Improvement of Customer Relationship: Giving away a useful gadget like a custom USB cable can improve the customer's perception of the company, strengthening loyalty and encouraging future business interactions.

How to order your custom usb cable on Pixartprinting

Order your custom usb cable on Pixartprinting with a few clicks: it's easy and intuitive!

  1. Access the dedicated section on the website,
  2. choose the model you prefer,
  3. select the design,
  4. upload your logo or graphics directly online.

Once you have selected the configuration options you prefer, you have the chance to choose the quantity and delivery date best for you. Remember that ordering in advance on Pixartprinting allows you to benefit from more advantageous prices.

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