We offer a vast array of catalogues for whatever you want to communicate: perfect, sewn or stapled binding and special finish perfect binding are ideal for price lists, operating instructions or catalogues showcasing your products. Choose the size, paper and special finishes and create a publication tailored to you.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Great products deserve a great catalogue
Grab the attention of all your customers and make each product stand out with a top-notch custom catalogue. Choose the size, paper and binding you want and get your message across in style.
The perfect price list for any business
Businesses and individuals alike can quickly and easily create the perfect price list for their products or a catalogue for any type of collection. Our high-quality materials and market-leading printing technologies produce high-calibre items resistant to wear and tear.

Print your catalogues online

Is it time to present your new products? Are you launching a new collection and want to share your ideas with your customers? You can do so by printing a catalogue, an essential tool to promote your offering of products or services. With Pixartprinting, you can now print your new catalogues online quickly and easily. It only takes a few clicks! We offer lots of customisation options and a high-quality printing service.

On this page, you can select the type of binding your prefer for your new custom catalogues:

  • Staple bound catalogues
  • Perfect bound catalogues or sewn bound catalogues
  • Wire-o bound catalogues

Once you have selected the right model for you, you can choose your ideal configuration options to create your new catalogue. The product will be sent directly to your office with fast and punctual shipping.

Binding types for your catalogues

Choosing the best type of binding for your new catalogues is the first step to create a bespoke product tailored to you. The binding not only joins the printed pages together but also gives the catalogue a finished look, ensures its durability and makes it easier for the reader to use. That's why we have selected the most effective binding types for printing a high-quality catalogue:

  • Staple bound catalogues: this is the fastest and cheapest binding method. The printed pages are attached to the cover using simple metal staples that ensure they hold together and are easy to use.
  • Perfect bound catalogues: perfect binding is the most widely used type of binding when there are a large number of pages involved. The pages are glued to the cover using a special glue that ensures resistance and durability. With this binding, you can also have a hardback cover, which is thicker and more resistant than a paperback cover.
  • Sewn bound catalogues: sewn binding is the most complex of the types listed. The pages are joined and stitched together using thread, which holds them together effectively and gives the product an elegant and refined look. You can also have a hardback cover with this binding type.
  • Wire-o bound catalogues: wire-o binding is one of the most widely used binding methods because it is fast and convenient. In this case, the pages of the catalogue are gathered together and holes are punched in the margin so that a cylindrical spiral can be inserted.

Which type of binding would you prefer? Choose the catalogue model that is right for you and customise the look in just a few clicks!

Our solutions for your publishing products

On our website, you can find lots of solutions for printing your projects. We offer all kinds of customisable products for printing and binding catalogues, books (including hardback), booklets, magazines and much more. Take advantage of our unmissable offers and bring your ideas to life quickly and easily!