Promotional furniture

Need to furnish your shop, pop-up store or exhibition stand? Then look no further than our range of temporary cardboard furniture. Choose from six strong yet lightweight designs that will bring personality and style to your space.

Cardboard Furniture: Originality, Durability, and Sustainability

Are you attending a fair, conference, or event and want to capture your visitors' attention? Do you want your customers to be comfortable at your stand while learning about your products, services, and promotions? Don't hesitate, create your own design for cardboard furniture.

You can print your cardboard furniture with your logo, advertising, image, or custom promotion in full color. It's a completely original and practical element that not only promotes your business but also allows your visitors to take a break and sit comfortably.

Pixartprinting's custom furniture is also very easy to assemble; there's no need for special glues.

Cardboard Stools and Chairs: Choose the Model That Suits You

If you want to attract your customers' attention, choose from the models we offer that best suit your needs:

  • Cardboard Bench: These 10mm white honeycomb cardboard seats are very sturdy, capable of supporting heavy loads. Perfect for decorating commercial spaces, fairs, and events. Fully customizable with your image and message.
  • Cardboard Stool: These 10mm white honeycomb cardboard stools have a sturdy square base structure. These cardboard furniture pieces not only serve as seats but also provide a surface to place items. Easy to assemble and move, they can support the weight of several people.
  • Cardboard Chair: Pixartprinting's cardboard chairs are extremely comfortable due to their backrest and add a touch of originality to your commercial spaces and stands at fairs and conferences.
  • Cardboard Stool: If you want to create your own designs for cardboard furniture, these fully customizable indoor stools allow you to do just that. Decorate your spaces with these original cardboard furniture pieces.
  • High Cardboard Stool: If your stand has a high counter, Pixartprinting's high cardboard stool is what you need. This fully customizable cardboard seat is ideal for fairs and promotional events.
  • Pedreira Stool: If you're looking for something more exclusive and designer, this stool is what you need. Capture your visitors' attention with these designer cardboard stools made of double-wave cardboard. The perfect decorative element for your events.

Materials for Your Custom Furniture

Pixartprinting always uses top-quality materials. By using cardboard for our designer furniture, we not only offer a quality product but also use an environmentally-friendly material.

Furthermore, its low cost and fantastic printing results make it the perfect material for decorating fairs and events.

How to Order Your Custom Cardboard Furniture

Pixartprinting provides a simple budgeting and ordering system. You can customize and order your cardboard furniture on our website. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the template containing the file with instructions.
  2. Select the customization options you prefer.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Upload your file in the corresponding section of the website.
  5. Complete your purchase.

We'll take care of the rest. Additionally, remember that Pixartprinting offers a multilingual Customer Service that can assist you if you have any questions about your order.

Request a quote and print cardboard furniture that will capture your customers' attention!

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