Cardboard Pouffe

A durable cuboid structure perfect to use in shops as a display stand or a temporary seat, it is easy to assemble and lift, and can take the weight of several people.

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Personalised Cardboard Stool: Practical, Original, and Durable

This square Cardboard Stool is the ideal choice to add a touch of style to your decor. Its compact size (75 x 75 x 46) makes it very comfortable for your customers, who can sit comfortably on a fully personalised stool. Thanks to its sturdy structure, this Cardboard Stool can accommodate up to three people; it's very lightweight and therefore easy to transport, allowing you to move it wherever needed with minimal effort. Additionally, thanks to our customization options, these stools can serve as decorative seating for your business.

Contexts for Using the Personalised Stool

This sturdy Cardboard Stool is particularly suitable for commercial establishments: customers can use it as temporary seating to try on shoes or wait their turn near fitting rooms. Decorative stools are also perfect for embellishing your space with a design object, whether it's a shop or an office.

Furthermore, without sacrificing the quality that characterizes us, these stools are affordable with a very competitive price.

Other Suggestions for Your Decor

If, in addition to these sturdy stools, you want to decorate your spaces in an original way, we also have other interesting cardboard items. Lightweight and durable Chairs are perfect for any indoor space. To make your customers' wait more pleasant, you can provide them with something to read: the practical and fun MagaZoo Magazine Rack is perfect for this purpose. Finally, if you want to distribute promotional material, a good option is the Cardboard Counter.