Envelopes are an essential solution for your day-to-day communication needs, perfect both for printing company documents and sending promotional materials directly to your customers. There are various models of envelopes to choose from, all customisable with your logo or message: nine different envelopes to suit countless purposes.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Envelope printing

Custom envelope printing

When planning your communications, it’s easy to overlook envelopes when your focus is on the contents instead, but what’s the first thing your customers will see when your communications arrive on their doorstep? That’s why customising printed envelopes to match your company’s branding is key to standing out from the crowd.

Pixartprinting offers a wide range of personalised envelopes in various formats and materials. Whether you need custom envelopes for automatic mailing systems and franking machines, or you want to create high-end envelopes to really impress your customers, Pixartprinting has the ideal personalised envelopes for you. They will all be printed in high definition using the latest technology and you can enjoy affordable prices and fast delivery!

Pixartprinting’s envelope printing range

Here is a brief outline of the products we have to offer in our envelope printing range:

  • Business envelopes: 9 different formats, with or without a window, front and back printing if desired
  • Pocket envelopes: 4 formats, ideal for smaller communications like leaflets and invitations
  • Full colour envelopes: one size (23 x 11 cm) with a choice of special finishes
  • Special finish envelopes: one size (23 x 11 cm) with either selective varnish or gold or silver foil applied to certain areas of the artwork
  • Postage envelopes: 22.9 x 11.4 cm, with or without a window, designed for franking machines
  • Tyvek® envelopes: tear-proof and waterproof printed envelopes, available with or without a gusset
  • Invitation envelopes: available in 8 sizes and 4 types of paper with optional special finishes and custom cut-outs
  • Cardboard envelopes: made from 380 gsm SBS paperboard, available in 5 formats. Optional special finishes and lamination
  • Plastic mailing bags: waterproof polyethylene bags, ideal for items like clothing or catalogues
  • Coloured plastic mailing bags: as above but in a choice of 3 Pantone® colours

Business envelope printing

Our custom Business Envelopes are a popular choice as they offer maximum flexibility with 9 different models available. You can choose custom envelopes without a window or opt for a window on the left or right. They are made from Classic Uncoated Brilliant White paper weighing 90 gsm and you can print on the front and back if you wish to make an even stronger impact!

Pocket envelope printing

For your bite-sized but important information, take a look at our Pocket Envelopes, which are ideal for flyers or invitations to product launches or events. They are available in four formats on Classic Uncoated Brilliant White paper, and you can print your logo or artwork on the front to create striking personalised envelopes. Choose from one-colour, two-colour or four-colour printing.

Envelope printing with special finishes

Why not create eye-catching printed envelopes by adding special finishes to selected parts of the artwork? You can opt for a selective varnish, gold foil or silver foil to make certain details pop! The custom envelopes with special finishes are available in one size (23 x 11 cm) and are made from 115 gsm Classic Demimatt - Matt coated paper.

Postage envelope printing

Pixartprinting’s Postage Envelopes are designed for digital mailing systems and franking machines. Print your personalised envelopes on Classic Uncoated Brilliant White paper weighing 90 gsm and add your logo or artwork to the front and back. Choose from three different models and one-colour, two-colour or four-colour printing.


How can I print personalised envelopes with Pixartprinting? It is quick and easy to order custom envelopes from Pixartprinting. Simply work your way through the intuitive order form on the product page, selecting the customisation options that are right for you and the quote will automatically update as you make your selections. Then, choose your desired quantity and preferred delivery date and place your order. There are Template and Instructions files for you to download as a guide on how to set your print file up correctly. Please refer to these and then send us your artwork! Then sit back and enjoy our efficient shipping service.

Which printed envelope models can I find in the catalogue? Our range of printed envelopes is extensive. We offer everything from Business Envelopes to Cardboard Envelopes and Plastic Mailing Bags. See a summary of our printed envelopes models above and click on the relevant category page for more information and to place your order for printed envelopes.

Can I print on the entire surface of the custom envelopes? If you want to cover the entire surface of your printed envelopes with your unique graphics and text, our Full Colour Envelopes are the ideal solution for you. They are made from matt-coated paper and special finishes can be applied to enhance certain parts of the print. Other models of printed envelopes allow you to customise the front and back, for example our Postage Envelopes and Plastic Mailing Bags.