Full Colour Envelopes

Want to ensure your letters don't get lost in the pile of that lands on the doormat every day? With printing available on the entire surface, our full colour envelopes help your message stand out from the rest. Choose them for major promotions, product launches or invitations to unmissable events.

Colour envelopes for a competitive edge

Colour envelopes printing

Printing custom envelopes in full colour can give your business that all-important competitive edge. Full colour envelopes will not only present your company in a professional light, they will also be the first envelopes in the pile to catch the recipient’s attention and spark their curiosity, meaning your customers will be drawn to your communications over the competition’s. And, you never know, you might just brighten up someone’s day with vivid colours and a high-definition print.

The colour envelopes come in one size and can be personalised with your logo or custom design. They can also be further enhanced with special finishes to highlight specific areas of the artwork that you want to stand out. They are ideal for emphasising the most important information in a limited space and lend themselves to posting out invitations to events and launches or product advertising.

Full colour envelopes in one versatile format

Our full colour envelopes are available in one size, C6/5. They measure 23 x 11 cm and fit A4 sheets folded twice and A5 sheets folded once.

Material and special finish options for colour envelopes

Pixartprinting’s full colour envelopes are made from Classic Demimatt - Matt coated paper, a durable, white paper weighing 115 gsm. They will be printed in high definition in CMYK, with bright colours and sharp details.

To really make your message clear and give your colour envelopes a luxury feel, we recommend adding a special finish to certain parts of the artwork – as well as making specific details pop with a metallic shine, you can give them a tactile effect too to make an extra-special impression. You can opt for a selective varnish that adds a glossy look, or a gold or silver foil for a sophisticated, standout look.

How to order colour envelopes from Pixartprinting

It’s easy! Most of the characteristics are pre-selected for you. All you need to do is decide which special finish you want to apply to your custom colour envelopes and how you want to create your print file. You can either send us your own artwork or purchase one of Design services and have our graphic designers create the artwork for you. When you’ve made your selections, a list of quantities, prices and delivery dates will generate instantly, so you’ll have all the information you need to proceed.

If you would like any help or advice when ordering full colour envelopes, please contact our Customer Support team and they will be happy to assist.

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