Banners for Barriers

As well as controlling crowds at concerts, sporting events, festivals and trade fairs, barriers also double as a useful communication tool. Make the most of barriers by covering them with your message. There are three different materials and sizes to choose from to print your advertising, signage or information.

  • 3 materials
  • 3 sizes
  • Accessories supplied

Customised barrier banners - Large format

Bespoke banner printing

Cover up unsightly barriers with customised banners in a range of materials featuring your chosen artwork. Create a banner design to direct prospects to your stand at an exhibition, create innovative crowd barrier covers to advertise a future event, screen off an untidy construction site or simply promote your brand on a large scale. There are multiple uses for personalised barrier banners and with such a wide range of customisation options offered by Pixartprinting, you can tailor your banner to your company’s specific needs.

Barrier Banner Customisation Options

When ordering your banners for barriers from Pixartprinting, there are many features that you can personalise:

  • Size: enter custom dimensions for a rectangular format or choose one of two standard formats: 250 x 84 cm or 229 x 73 cm.
  • Material: there are three banner materials to choose from, some of which will be square cut or cut to shape. The options include: Extreme Classic PVC 500 gsm (a popular material as it is suitable for a number of applications and is durable, lasting up to three years without protection); Ferrari 260 gsm (a self-extinguishing, windproof material made from microperforated PVC and suitable for outdoor use); or Non-Woven Fabric 95 gsm (a lightweight, disposable fabric printed using sublimation inks in up to six colours; lasts approximately two weeks outdoors and indefinitely indoors)
  • Bespoke banner printing details: depending on the format you select, you may be able to choose whether to print on the front only, have the same front and back or opt for a different front and back
  • Accessories: galvanised aluminium eyelets are available with or without transparent cable ties and can either be added to the entire perimeter or to the left and right side. The system will automatically enter the recommended number of eyelets for your barrier banners based on your chosen dimensions

Pixartprinting Banner Delivery

Pixartprinting offers a range of prices and delivery options for crowd barrier covers so that you can select the best option taking your budget and turnaround requirements into consideration. For urgent projects, we can deliver in as little as 48 hours.