Flat Surface Stickers

Flat surface stickers are ideal for decorating and personalising the space around you – stick them onto cupboards, tables, doors and anywhere else that needs livening up. They are available in 10 different materials, and can be cut either square or with a custom shape to suit your artwork.

  • Optional mirror printing
  • Lamination available

Vinyl Stickers

Customise any flat surface from walls to laptops with Pixartprinting’s vinyl stickers . We provide custom vinyl stickers in a wide range of materials including transparent options suitable for those looking to apply stickers to glass surfaces. All stickers are made using PVC to ensure durability, longevity and value for money.

Vinyl stickers are ideal for those looking to customise products or personal objects giving them a truly personal feel. Flat surface stickers are also beneficial for those looking to advertise their brand in a quick, easy and modern manner.

Custom Vinyl Stickers - shapes & sizes

Pixartprinting never limits our customers when it comes to their designs, meaning that all projects can be customised in intricate detail. Our online ordering form enables customers to enter the exact dimensions required for their projects as we provide personalised vinyl stickers of any size. Please note that if the short side of your project is over 150cm we will print your project on 2 or more panels.

Choose from 7 different PVC materials for your vinyl stickers including high resolution un-trimmed adhesive PVCs that provide impeccable results. All decorative stickers can be delivered in just 48 hours, however customers that order in advance will benefit from reduced delivery costs. For more information on Pixartprinting’s delivery please visit our FAQ page.

Custom Vinyl Stickers - materials

You can print your custom vinyl stickers on your choice of seven different materials:

  • Matt PVC-Free Film with Grey Back: A high-quality matt white film made from PVC-free polypropylene with a grey back that ensures a low level of transparency.
  • Matt Monomeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl: a self-adhesive vinyl, 100 microns thick, with a matt finish. Lasts up to 2 years if not subjected to abrasion, otherwise lamination is recommended.
  • Gloss Monomeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl: as above but with a gloss finish
  • Matt Monomeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl with Grey Back: a self-adhesive vinyl with a matt finish and grey back to stop light from passing through, making the print stand out
  • Gloss Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl with grey back: a flexible self-adhesive vinyl with a gloss finish and grey back to prevent light from passing through. Weatherproof and durable.
  • Transparent Self-Adhesive Vinyl: a transparent self-adhesive vinyl, ideal for flat, smooth surfaces or glass.
  • White EasyWall: a white, monomeric, self-adhesive vinyl. Special micro-suction adhesion makes it easy to position and reposition without bubbles forming.
  • Transparent EasyWall: a transparent monomeric, self-adhesive vinyl with micro-suction adhesion to make it easy to remove and reposition

Various types of lamination are available for personalised vinyl stickers, depending on the type of material you choose. Lamination is recommended to protect the print over time and increase its durability.

Order custom vinyl stickers in the UK

You can order your new personalised vinyl stickers by configuring the product on this page. Once you have made all your selections, a free online quote will be generated, offering you a range of prices and delivery dates. Later delivery means lower prices!

An Instructions file and a Template are available for you to download to help you set up a print-ready file, and your file will be checked before printing free of charge. However, you can opt for an enhanced check by one of our graphic designers for a small extra fee.

If you have any questions about our vinyl stickers or need any help placing your order, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly Customer Support team.

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