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Established in 1994 by the businessman Matteo Rigamonti, Pixartprinting specialises in providing online printing services, with products including small format items (magazines, catalogues, postcards, stickers, labels, flyers, packaging etc.), large format items (high resolution prints, posters, banners, display items etc.), packaging, fabric prints and much more. Pixartprinting currently employs 500 staff, with approximately 250,000 clients throughout Europe and an average of 8,000 orders a day. Production takes place at the firm's headquarters in Quarto d'Altino in the Province of Venice in northern Italy. Its cutting-edge equipment is the best in Europe, and it can guarantee rapid delivery on pre-established dates. Mother-tongue customer care operators guarantee a high quality of service, tailored to the client's location. Pixartprinting is part of Cimpress (Nasdaq: CMPR), a world leader in mass customisation.

Company Values

The company believes in respect for people and the environment, which is a fundamental aspect of any relationship or initiative and the responsibility of all parties. The company is founded on the following values: innovation, quality, competitiveness and cutting-edge technology.

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Products and Services

Pixartprinting is a one-stop shop for all your printing needs: from business cards, magazines and posters to fabric flags, cardboard displays and XL banners. In a single click you can view our full range of products online, sure to satisfy our professional customers' every need. Our service includes delivery in 48h, 72h or 5-7 days.

We are constantly implementing new technologies, and our product catalogue is always being expanded. aiming to meet and, if possible, anticipate our customers' needs, allowing them to develop their business in new areas.

A Virtual Shop Window

Developed by our team of IT engineers, Pixartprinting's website uses the same software as the firm's corporate management software, providing amazing benefits to users in terms of flexibility and dynamism. It is quick and easy to use, and a help facility guides users through all stages of the ordering process.

Another advantage of the website is the innovative and intuitive file upload system. Its automatic reporting tool informs customers in real time of any errors in placing the order and provides live updates on the processing. The system allows orders to be tracked, ensuring a reliable service, accuracy and transparency.

The software: the backbone of the company

The strength of the manufacturing process lies in the management software, which is, in all respects, the backbone of the company. All information passes through this software, allowing users to monitor every step in the printing process in real time. This entirely ‘homemade’ system is based on open-source and multi-platform software, and can manage quotations, orders, workflow and administration. Moreover, the software independently determines which printing technology to use for each individual project, assigning it to the most efficient in terms of costs. To further optimise the production process, Pixartprinting has created ‘Uragano’ (Hurricane), another ‘homemade’ piece of software that works seamlessly with the management software to harmonise the workflow, guaranteeing automation, speed and efficiency and reducing the margin of error to a minimum. Uragano can combine orders on the basis of five variables: printing runs, paper type and weight, format and delivery timing. The automation of all pre-press stages saves time, reduces start-ups, avoids wasted material and lowers production costs. This final advantage is passed on by Pixartprinting to its customers, so it can offer even more competitive prices. Uragano is another step along the path to being a fully automated company with the maximum possible level of efficiency.

Hardware: the Production Department

One of Pixartprinting's strengths lies in its cutting-edge production facilities, known by some as ‘the little Drupa’ as, like the renowned printing equipment exhibition, they comprise next-generation systems, no more than three years old. For this reason, the company is considered a point of reference for leading manufacturers of graphic art systems, who often offer the firm installations of products as a preview, before their general release. This happened recently with the Komori Lithrone GL 840 P 8 colour 70x100 printers, which are equipped with the new synchronised plate exchange function.

The entire production process abides by strict quality standards.

The production area has been designed with the best systems on the market and is divided virtually into two mirrored production lines: one line for small format items and another for large format items. The shipping department is located in the middle, with both production lines leading to it. The small format area starts from the paper warehouse, continues to the printing and finishing processes, and ends with shipping. Similarly, the large format area has a warehouse for the storage of rigid media and materials on reels, continues to the flatbed and roll to roll printing systems, and then ends with the finishing and shipping processes.

Advantages of Small Format Printing

At Pixartprinting digital and offset printing technology go hand in hand, and the two are considered fully complementary. Our proprietary management software distributes jobs automatically to one technology or the other, based on a number of considerations, including the general workload, optimising the flats, and the timing required by the customer. The files are then sent to the recently upgraded HP Indigo department or to the very high quality offset printing department with Komori systems.

Small Format Digital Printing

When printing multiple sheets for staple-bound catalogues and books or perfect binding in small and medium print runs, digital technology continues to be more competitive than offset printing. Pixartprinting has recently announced that it is purchasing four new HP Indigo 7600 printers, to go alongside the four 7500 printers already installed. The new 7600 printers are equipped with Automatic Alert Agent, a control system that detects and reports any differences between the digital file and the sheet printed by the machine to the operator. The 7500 models already installed will be upgraded to incorporate the benefits of the new models.

Small Format Offset Printing

This is a ‘new’ technology for Pixartprinting, which now has two Komori Lithrone GL 840 P 8 colour 70x100 printers at its disposal, complete with the new synchronised plate exchange system, and installed at the Venetian company before anywhere else in the world. This technology complements the firm's digital printing, and is particularly competitive for single sheets on medium to high volume print runs.

Labels Department

This is a recently opened department specifically for label printing at competitive prices, including small quantities or limited editions. It features two Epson SurePress L-4033A roll label printing systems, one of which also has white ink, and a Sei Laser system for automatic cutting. All of Pixartprinting's labels offer the following advantages: excellent quality, six-colour printing (CMYK + orange and green), a choice of different materials and short delivery times.

Advantages of Large Format Printing

The pride of the Pixartprinting large format printing department is the revolutionary Durst P10 technology, which guarantees Fine Art quality and competitive pricing. Pixartprinting today boasts the largest collection of this technology in the world, with 3 P10 roll to roll systems dedicated to mesh and banner systems and 4 P10 flatbed systems in the exclusive CAP configuration, with a feeder & stacker that automates the printing process for rigid media and cardboard.

Awards and Certifications

TUV Pixartprinting has been awarded TÜV certification, which confirms that "Pixartprinting Spa's management system meets the requirements of UNI EN 15838: 2010 - Contact centre support services for clients, consumers and citizens".
This certification is the result of a long process launched some time ago by Pixartprinting, with the aim of optimising its customer care provision. TÜV, an international and independent body, has now provided tangible and verifiable proof of the quality of the service provided.
The standards aim to define levels of performance and quality offered in call/contact centres in the client and customer care sector, by posing as service users and reporting on the resulting performance. Pixartprinting's customer care operators, all based at the firm's premises in Quarto d'Altino, Italy, are mother tongue professionals who respond to our customers' requests every day by telephone, email, chat, social media and other channels, providing support during the ordering, purchasing and after-sales stages.
Customers in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Portugal and the USA can call a national phone number, which will be answered by a mother tongue operator.
TÜV certification therefore represents additional reassurance for everyone who chooses Pixartprinting.

Trustedshops Pixartprinting has been awarded certification from Trusted Shops based on over 60 different quality criteria including financial solvency, transparent pricing, customer service and data protection. These criteria are subject to constant review by Trusted Shops from experts in the field of customer protection and data protection, as well as specialists in business and IT law. The certification offers clients protective cover of up to 2,500 euros. The Trusted Shops warranty is an optional service which protects against loss of payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning goods for a period of up to 30 days.

Pixartprinting is currently completing all the bureaucratic procedures required to get FSC Chain of Custody Certification, aiming to further reinforce its commitment to environmental protection, through the use of certified materials, low environmental impact plans, solvent-free inks and suction systems for air purification that contribute to make the working environment healthy. Procedures to obtain ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14000 environmental certification and ISO 18000 health and safety certification are also underway.

In 2010 Pixartprinting was awarded the prestigious ‘La Vedovella’ prize, the Italian major award in the world of graphic arts, in the 'special distinction' category.

Target Users

Approximately 90% of our customers are professionals in the graphic design sector, mainly printers who take advantage of Pixartprinting's services for jobs which they are not able to complete on their own, because they do not have adequate technology or the production capacity to meet extremely short deadlines.

Customer Management

Pixartprinting is exclusively a web-to-print company. Customers can view the product range online, select the products that interest them, and proceed directly to the purchasing procedure, which is completely free of charge and explained step-by-step. Finally, they send us the file to be printed. In an effort to break down the barriers that still exist for some categories of users who are reluctant to shop online, Pixartprinting has focused a great deal of attention on developing its customer service, helping to humanise the service offered virtually on the web.

Telephone customer service in customers' own language is currently available in those countries where the ‘virtual shop’ is active: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Germany. We offer our customers local telephone numbers with native speakers. There is also an online chat service, which offers fast and immediate support for web-to-print users on the website.

Our customer-centric approach is also reflected in our ‘friendly reprinting policy’: Pixartprinting offers to reprint jobs with which the customer is not satisfied, even if the problems are the result of an error upstream and are not attributable to the company. This ensures a high level of customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is based on a range of factors: excellent quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Development Abroad

Pixartprinting is a multinational company that ‘speaks the language’ of each country in which it operates, both literally and figuratively. For this reason, the company has created ‘virtual stores’ for each country it considers commercially viable, with customised workflows. Each store has a local domain name. The website is currently available in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Romanian and Polish. 


Pixartprinting is a key player on the market, capable not only of being competitive in terms of its product range, value for money and service, but also of being innovative in terms of strategy. Its main objective is to anticipate trends in the printing market, where experts foresee a gradual decline of small businesses in favour of new, larger groups that act as one-stop shops for all printing needs, whilst at the same time maintaining high quality standards both in terms of its products and service.


To provide a classic product, i.e. printed items of all types, whilst keeping customers satisfied with its ease of use, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.

Factors that underpin our Success

A solid and long-term marketing strategy, the support of suitable software tools, and choosing cutting-edge equipment and technology from extremely well-organised suppliers and partners. Pixartprinting has based the entire development of its business on these three principles.

Code of Conduct

We inform you that Pixartprinting abides by the Trusted Shop Code of Conduct in order to offer a transparent and trustworthy service. This code can be viewed online.