Totem 4

Choose the Totem 4 whenever you need four sides to support your message. Self-standing and available in two different materials, this four-sided display is designed for events like conferences, concerts or gatherings of any type where there is a lot of information to communicate.

  • Two different materials
  • Two sizes available
  • Lamination available

Cardboard POS Display - 4-Sided Totem: Impactful Advertising

As your next fair or event approaches, and you're still not ready with all your promotional items, consider standing out from your competitors with something original. The 4-sided totem from Pixartprinting is an ideal solution for impactful advertising at fairs, congresses, or even for decorating your premises and shop windows. This four-sided cardboard POS display is perfect for long-lasting communication, featuring high-quality printing and simple assembly. Plus, it offers multiple customization options to tailor it to your brand. Don't delay in ordering your 4-sided totem!

Your 4-Sided Totem with the Best Materials

If you're familiar with Pixartprinting, you'll know the 4-sided totem is fully customizable. Choose from two material options for creating your totem:

  • 3.5 mm Classic Polypropylene: a lightweight, economical polypropylene panel with a honeycomb structure, ideal for outdoor use.
  • 3.5 mm Akyprint: for extra durability, this polypropylene panel with a bubble structure is scratch-resistant and weather-resistant, perfect for outdoor settings and fully recyclable.

Customized 4-Sided Totem? It's Possible with Pixartprinting

Beyond materials, customize your 4-sided totem with various options:

  • Format: Choose between size M (33 × 33 × 200 cm) or XL (70 × 70 × 200 cm) to suit your communication needs.
  • Accessories: Includes five strips of double-sided adhesive tape or five rivets with a white head for assembly, depending on the chosen material.
  • Lamination: For Classic Polypropylene, opt for an anti-scratch varnish for added durability.

Why not order your 4-sided totem for your business now?

How to Order Your 4-Sided Totem

Ordering a 4-sided totem from Pixartprinting is easy and straightforward, in just five simple steps:

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Select your preferred customization options for the totem.
  3. Upload your print file using our provided template.
  4. Choose a delivery date and the quantity of totems needed.
  5. Receive your totem and enhance your brand communication.

Need extra help with your print file? Our Design Service of graphic designers can create a new file from scratch or modify an existing one for your totem.

Other Products to Complement Your 4-Sided Totem

Combine your 4-sided totem with other promotional items for maximum impact:

Consider enhancing your space with our range of custom items like personalized banners and business cards, each designed to complement your 4-sided totem and create a cohesive brand presence.

With Pixartprinting, you're choosing a partner committed to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Begin designing your 4-sided totem today and explore our full range of products for a memorable and effective promotional display.