Shaped Stickers

Shaped stickers are designed to make your packaging stand out. Ideal for sealing jars of preserves or other containers, these custom stickers provide a secure seal and adapt perfectly to any surface. Create your sticker in your chosen size and shape and add an exclusive touch to your products.

Custom Shaped Stickers

If you desire something unique for yourself and your products, with Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to create custom-shaped stickers. These are died-cut stickers, completely customizable, and perfectly tailored to your needs. We offer you a high-quality online printing service with a wide range of materials and unique finishes. All in just a few simple clicks!

How to Create Custom Shaped Stickers

Ordering your new custom-shaped stickers through this page is easy and fast:

  1. Choose the customization options you prefer, such as format, material, and finishes.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions provided by our graphic experts from the page. They will guide you in setting up your printing file correctly. If you don't have a ready file, you can use Designer - our free online editor - to create your new graphics.
  3. Submit your order and upload the printing file to complete the purchase.

Custom Shaped Stickers and Predefined Formats

In addition to custom-shaped stickers, in our extensive online catalog, you will discover many other formats of Stickers: Round stickers, Square stickers, Oval stickers... You can choose a custom format or a predefined format for printing your new stickers. Discover them all!