Finished natural fabrics

Huge range of cotton and silk fabrics. Different weights and styles make these materials suitable for garments or furnishings. All fabrics undergo a finishing process to ensure the highest possible performance.

Cotton Printing and More: Explore Our Textile Printing Services

Discover the Art of Cotton Printing and Silk Printing at Pixartprinting

Unlock the world of exquisite cotton printing and silk printing with Pixartprinting's cutting-edge technologies. Our Direct to Garment (DTG) technique, a form of inkjet printing, is the key to bringing your textile prints to life. Ideal for the fashion industry, this method allows for the creation of personalized garments in vibrant full color, offering an array of designs and hues at an unbeatable price.

Our inkjet-printed fabrics aren't just limited to fashion; they elevate home decor with items like cushions and curtains, as well as indoor promotional displays and banners. For synthetic materials, we specialize in direct sublimation printing, preserving material elasticity and breathability—perfect for sports-related textiles and durable outdoor marketing elements, such as eye-catching advertising banners.

Delving into the realm of fabric printing, Pixartprinting employs screen printing for mass production with consistent designs. This technique shines in creating printed textiles for bags and non-woven fabric pouches, showcasing both efficiency and quality.

With Pixartprinting, your fabric printing experience guarantees visually stunning and functional results. Realize your personalized prints exactly as you envision them. Create your printed fabrics with us, where quality and affordability seamlessly converge! Your satisfaction is our priority.

Explore Natural Materials for Your Cotton and Silk Printing

Indulge in a diverse selection of top-quality natural fabrics to complement your cotton printing and silk printing desires.

  • 100% Cotton - 110 g/m2 (Muslin 60): Ideal for delicate, light printed textiles resembling gauze. Perfect for decoration, curtains, bedding, underwear, and blouses.
  • 100% Cotton - 150 g/m2 (Poplin 50/50): A compact, sturdy, yet thin and light fabric, perfect for custom prints on bedding and garments, especially shirts.
  • 68% Cotton and 32% Silk - 54 g/m2 (Habutai): Light and shiny fabric, used in linings, lampshades, curtains, and garments like summer shirts or delicate lingerie.
  • 80% Modal and 20% Silk - 45 g/m2 (Chiffon): Ideal for light and transparent printed fabrics, recommended for spring and fall garments and accessories.
  • 100% Silk - 34 g/m2 (Habutai 8 mm): Light and shiny fabric similar to a veil, perfect for linings, garments, blouses, and scarves.
  • 100% Silk - 60 g/m2 (Twill 14 mm): Suitable for printed textiles on soft, malleable fabric, perfect for scarves.
  • 90% Modal and 10% Cashmere - 50 g/m2: Offers a soft and airy finish for printed fabrics, ideal for scarves.
  • 85% Viscose and 15% Wool - 65 g/m2: Soft-to-touch, velvet-like fabric recommended for scarves and winter garments.
  • 100% Cotton - 195 g/m2 (Drill): Thick-textured fabric suitable for printed textiles in bulky jackets, tablecloths, and aprons.
  • 100% Cotton - 350 g/m2 (Drill): Fabric with a weight similar to denim, perfect for military uniforms, shorts, workwear, sports clothing, and cushions.
  • 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane - 275 g/m2 (Fleece): Elastic cotton with a wool-like appearance, soft and velvety to the touch, ideal for winter garments.
  • 86% Nylon and 14% Elastane - 145 g/m2 (Jersey): Stretchy fabric perfect for printed textiles in sportswear, leggings, and swimwear.

Our diverse range ensures you find the perfect match for your fabric printing needs.

Tailor Your Cotton and Silk Prints to Your Specifications

When creating your textile prints, customize the features based on your chosen fabric.

  1. Width of the printed fabric (cm): Tailor the width to match the maximum printing size, varying with the selected material. The delivered roll will exceed the displayed image of your textile prints by 2-4% in length.
  2. Length of the printed fabric (m): A minimum of 1 meter, accounting for potential textile shrinkage of up to 5% in height and length due to finishing processes.
  3. Base of the textile print (cm): Must be equal to or less than 130 cm.
  4. Height of the textile print (cm): Must be less than 500 cm and shorter than the selected fabric's length.
  5. Repetition mode for your textile prints: Choose from three options—simple repetition, asymmetric column repetition, or symmetric row repetition.

Personalize your cotton and silk prints to meet your unique preferences and needs.

Elevate Your Style: Personalized Clothing and Textile Prints

Beyond fabric prints, Pixartprinting offers Custom Clothing for a personalized wardrobe. Explore a wide selection of T-shirts and Polos.

Apply our printed textiles to numerous garments—visit our Men's Clothing section,