Thread-bound notebooks

Thread-bound notebooks make a sophisticated gift to give to customers or hand out at high-profile events. Choose the right size for you and customise the cover with your logo or message – the colourful binding and optional dry debossing will create a truly striking item.

Sewn Notebooks with Thread Binding

Our Custom Sewn Notebooks are perfect for impressing your clients or partners with a visually striking promotional product. These beautiful, sophisticated notebooks can be personalised with your unique designs. Sewn Notebooks with thread are available in A6 (10.5x14.8 cm) and A5 (14.8x21 cm) sizes.

They can be used as diaries, but are also popular among those who love to draw or jot down their thoughts. These notebooks are a highly appreciated gadget, perfect for distribution at trade fairs and industry events. They are quality items, made with premium materials and a keen eye for detail.

A5 or A6 Sewn Notebooks

Firstly, you can choose from six different thread colours for the binding: Yellow, Green, Red, Black, Blue, and Pearl Grey. A detail that will give your notebook a unique and unmatched look.

The printing method allows you to unleash your creativity to the fullest.

  1. Digital four-colour printing: Here, you can fully customise your ivory Usomano paper cover with a specific image.
  2. Dry relief printing: This method involves deboss printing (creating a recessed effect on the material's surface). You can choose to apply it on three different areas of your custom covers: an 8x8 cm area at the bottom, an 8x8 cm area at the top, or across the entire surface. You can also choose from three different paper types: Sirio Stone, Sirio Sand, and Sirio Vermilion.

Custom Sewn Notebooks with Thread

The pages of Customisable Notebooks are joined to the cover with a thread sewn binding. This artisanal binding technique makes the final product elegant and sophisticated. Your clients and partners will certainly appreciate the attention to detail and the beauty of this gadget.

Moreover, through dry relief printing, you can further embellish the cover with your embossed logo, text, or an image.

Sewn Notebooks - Just a Click Away!

Ordering your Custom Sewn Notebooks on our site is easy. You can do it through this page:

  1. Download the Template with Instructions, and follow the guidelines to correctly set up your file with your graphics.
  2. Let us know your customisation options, the delivery date, and the quantity. You can view the free quote in real time, directly on the product page. This is calculated automatically, based on your choices.
  3. Submit your order and upload your print file to complete the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive your new Custom Sewn Notebooks directly at your office with fast and punctual shipments.

Graphics for Your Sewn Notebooks

Need the support of a professional graphic designer for your custom cover? By choosing the Design Service, you will be assisted by our designer who can modify your file or create a new proposal based on your instructions. Our printing service is suitable for both small and large businesses.

Sewn Notebooks for Every Occasion

You can distribute Sewn Notebooks with thread at events to promote your brand as a unique custom gadget. Your clients can take notes, giving visibility to your brand during their meetings or interviews.

The notebooks also provide an ideal medium for putting your ideas down on paper, continuously showcasing the colours associated with your coordinated image. They are always a useful tool, in line with your style.

Sewn Notebooks and Other Products for Your Notes

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