Holographic labels

Surprise your customers with our holographic labels: the metallic polypropylene with a mirrored finish ensures exceptional results, adding a unique and original touch to your stickers.

  • Resistant to oil and water
  • High strength

Holographic labels: make your products shine!

Do you want to create original and elegant labels for your products? Are you looking for a way to attract customers' attention from the shelves? Our holographic labels will give your packaging a unique look thanks to the surface's natural shine. Distributed on a roll, they can be fully customised with your graphics and printed in high definition using the best technology on the market. When they catch the light, your custom holographic stickers will produce an attractive reflective rainbow effect.

It is easy to order the new holographic labels on our website via this page, selecting your preferred configuration options. Customise the labels, download the useful Template and Instructions from our graphic designers and set up your print file. Once you have customised the product and submitted your order, upload your artwork and have your new holographic labels delivered directly to your office (or home)! Remember, if you have any questions or specific requests, our Customer Support services will be available at all stages of the buying process.

What is a holographic sticker?

Our holographic stickers are printed on metallic holographic polypropylene, a material with a mirrored finish. When the holographic labels reflect the light, they produce a shimmering rainbow and holographic effect with striking colours and details. The material adheres well to surfaces and offers excellent resistance to UV light, water and oil, making it ideal for use on all kinds of product packaging, including drinks bottles. Holographic stickers are an ideal way to make your products stand out from the competition with their eye-catching shine and professional look.

Holographic labels – The right format for you

Whether you want your holographic labels to have a classic shape or something a little out of the ordinary, Pixartprinting can accommodate your requirements. There are four pre-defined shapes for you to quickly and easily select:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval

Alternatively, you are free to choose any shape and size you want for your holographic stickers by selecting the “custom” option and entering your desired height and width in the corresponding fields. Then, you can continue working through the online order form, selecting the other customisation options.

Custom holographic stickers

Once you have selected the shape and size of your new holographic labels, there are several other customisation options to choose from, as follows:

  • Output direction: 0 degrees, +90 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees
  • Label gapping: for automatic labelling machines, enter the distance required by the machine. For manual labelling, the minimum distance will be sufficient (minimum distance: 0.4 cm; maximum distance: 10 cm)
  • Roll size: 1 roll, h 33 cm, 2 rolls, h 16.5 cm, 3 rolls, h 11 cm
  • White printing: none or selective white. Selective white is applied to specific areas of the material and can be used on its own or as a base for printing. When used with printed designs, the layer of white ink will bring out the images and artwork.

Holographic label design services

If you would like some assistance with creating the artwork for your custom holographic labels, we have services and tools to help you. Our graphic designers can create your graphics from scratch if you purchase the File Creation service and tell us what you want, or they can make amendments to existing artwork if you choose the File Revision service.

Want to create the graphics yourself but don’t have the means? That’s fine too! You can use our online Designer tool to produce your own artwork for free. It allows you to add images, text, shapes and backgrounds and then preview before you send it to us.

If you would like more information about the Design services available for holographic stickers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Print customised holographic labels with Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting is the ideal printing partner for high-quality holographic stickers. You can choose your preferred shape from the pre-defined options (round, square, oval or rectangular) or a custom shape. You can also enter the dimensions of your new labels (width and height) and select the output direction and the gapping between each label. The Template contains instructions on how to set up your print file correctly. Print custom holographic labels that are perfect for you!

See how original holographic labels are!

For our holographic labels printing, we chose holographic polypropylene, a material that ensures the best possible results: resistant labels and a high-definition print. The mirrored finish gives the surface of the labels an attractive reflective rainbow effect that enhances the graphics and makes your product packaging instantly recognisable. You can create unique labels ready to be attached to your packaging. Make your products shine!

Holographic labels and other packaging solutions

At Pixartprinting, you can find all kinds of custom packaging solutions: bespoke cardboard boxes, flexible packaging, shipping supplies and bottle packaging. There are also numerous models of roll labels to choose from, which can be customised with various material, shape and finish options. Our printing service centres around the needs of companies and professionals alike. Choose a high-quality online printing service and take advantage of excellent offers!