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There's no project that can't be printed with Pixartprinting's vast range of rigid media. The 16 materials we offer can be used to create fittings and furnishings, posters, information boards, furniture and installations. Choose from plastic, cardboard or aluminium and create your own tailor-made communication materials for shops, trade fairs, events and display spaces.

  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Cut square or to shape
  • From 10 x 10 cm

Sign board printing

Quality board printing on a wide range of materials

Pixartprinting has all your board printing needs covered with a massive range of rigid materials to choose from to produce your custom printed boards. There are multiple types of plastic, Plexiglass, aluminium, cardboard and more, in various thicknesses and sizes, plus we offer accessories to make them easy to mount. Therefore, whether your board printing project is for signage, information boards, decoration or displays, you can find the ideal printed board on our website. So, get ready for that exhibition or trade fair, brighten up your office or create promotional display boards for your shop and choose Pixartprinting’s sign board printing service.

Plastic board printing

If you want to print your custom sign boards on plastic, we have three types of durable materials to choose from, which are all suitable for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Foamex PVC Eurolight: available in 3 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm thicknesses, this resistant plastic is made from semi-expanded PVC and has a compact white surface. It is ideal for sign board printing.
  • Corrugated plastic: available in 3.5 mm or 5 mm thicknesses, this polypropylene panel has a honeycomb structure, making it lightweight and affordable.
  • Akyprint 3.5 mm: this polypropylene panel has a dark grey bubble structure and is both waterproof and scratch-resistant, therefore ideal for outdoor display board printing and advertising.

Plexiglass board printing

Plexiglass is a shatterproof material that is often used for photograph mounting and fine art printing due to its sophisticated appearance. This makes it a popular choice for photography and art exhibitions, but it can also be used to create all kinds of printed boards like plaques and other displays. There are two Plexiglass materials to choose from, which are both available in 3 mm or 5 mm thicknesses:

  • Clear Plexiglass: a strong yet lightweight clear polymethyl methacrylate panel, suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Opal Plexiglass: an opal polymethyl methacrylate panel with an opaque design that makes it suitable for backlighting.

Foam board printing

Pixartprinting offers four different multi-layer materials for foam board printing, all of which are strong but lightweight:

  • Smart-X® 10 mm: a panel with an expanded polystyrene core and solid polystyrene surfaces, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Foamcore 10 mm: a panel with PVC-free surfaces and an expanded core
  • KAPA®tex 5 mm: a foam panel with a polyurethane core and latex-coated paper surfaces, giving it an embossed look like the texture of a painting canvas
  • KAPA®plast 5 mm: a moisture-resistant foam panel with a rigid grey polyurethane core and matt white cardboard surfaces.

Aluminium board printing

Aluminium printed boards are waterproof and stylish, adding a sophisticated touch to any sign board printing projects. There are two materials available, white aluminium 3 mm and brushed aluminium 3 mm, both of which have a black polyethylene core. They are available in a range of sizes with the option to add scratch-resistant varnish to protect the print.

Cardboard board printing

Carboard is an excellent material for indoor display board printing and can be used to create posters, indoor furnishings and display stands. Pixartprinting offers six different cardboard materials that you can customise to suit your requirements:

  • Dispa® 3.8 mm: a lightweight white cardboard panel with a double-flute core and smooth white surfaces
  • White honeycomb cardboard 10 mm: an eco-friendly panel with a honeycomb-structure core covered by two layers of extra-thick kraft cardboard
  • Compact pressboard 1.6 mm: a very thin, white pressed cardboard panel with smooth white surfaces
  • White cardboard E flute 1.4 mm: an ultra-thin, single-flute cardboard panel with smooth white surfaces
  • Doublewall E+E Flute white cardboard 2.3 mm: a double-flute cardboard panel with smooth white surfaces, designed especially for posters
  • Microtriplo E+B flute white cardboard 4 mm: a corrugated cardboard panel with smooth white surfaces and a double-flute cardboard core, also designed for indoor posters.

Sign board printing made easy with Pixartprinting

It is easy to order your customised printed boards from Pixartprinting. Simply work your way through the step-by-step order form, personalising the product to suit your needs, then select a quantity, price and delivery date from the options provided. You can either upload your print file to the upload area after completing your purchase, create your artwork in our free online Designer tool or purchase one of our design services to have our graphic designers do the work for you! If you have any questions about using our display board printing service, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team, who are available seven days a week.

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