Food-safe Packaging

We can take care of all your food products, with cardboard packaging, flat pouches and Doypacks made with food-safe materials and a vast range of designs suitable for wrapped foods. Plus you can ship your creations to your customers' homes with our secure mailers and postal boxes.

Show the world what you're made of
Everyone knows that appearances are crucial when it comes to food, so your packaging has a vital role to play, both grabbing customers' attention and providing all the essential information on the product's origins, supply chain and nutritional value. Choose the style of certified food-safe packaging that best suits your product.
And the cherry on the cake...
Finally, if you want to give your delivery service extra class and style, complete the effect with paper bags customised with your brand or logo.

Custom food packaging in the UK

Eco-friendly custom food packaging

Create the ideal personalised food packaging for your catering business with our selection of products made from special food-safe paperboard in a range of designs. From food trays to boxes and even Doypacks, we have everything you need to protect your food products and present them in your own unique style with your choice of graphics. You can add your logo, images or text to them and promote your brand.

Pixartprinting's custom food packaging is 100% food safe and compliant with current legislation. It is also recyclable, making it environmentally friendly and an added selling point for your shop, restaurant or food business. Your printed food packaging will be delivered straight to your home or shop with Pixartprinting's guaranteed print quality and reliable shipping service.

Custom food packaging range

Pixartprinting offers a range of different custom food packaging options for your products. They are all made from food-safe Delipac© paperboard (apart from the Doypacks) and can be customised with your graphics. Here is a brief summary but you can find full information on the separate pages. 

  • Catering Trays: delivered flat, the food trays are available in a range of sizes. Suitable for a variety of foods but perfect for displaying the city's best sushi at its finest
  • Food Containers: available in four formats, they are ideal for foods like popcorn and chips due to their shape and are oil- and grease-resistant
  • Flip Lid Food Boxes: if you need protection for your products, the easy-to-use lid on these boxes makes them ideal for all kinds of items, especially street food and takeaways
  • Deluxe Food Boxes: these offer a sophisticated look thanks to their interesting shape and eye-catching fastenings. Choose from either the ribbon or handle closure and various sizes
  • Sandwich Boxes: these boxes are designed to hold sandwiches, croissants and other bakery items, protecting them and keeping hot food warm. Their elongated shape prevents the food from being squashed
  • Doypacks: stand-up pouches in a choice of four materials to protect and preserve food products. Optional lamination, zip and hang hole.

Cardboard custom food packaging

Our personalised food packaging is made from a special paperboard called Delipac©, with a series of features that set it apart from other materials:

  • It has a water-based coating that makes it extremely oil- and grease-resistant
  • It can be placed in the freezer or microwave without any issues
  • It provides the food with good heat insulation
  • It is resistant to ink migration

In addition, we use low migration inks in our printers when customising the printed food packaging, to avoid any chance of the foodstuffs becoming contaminated. These components have also been laboratory-tested to ensure their safety.

Eco-friendly custom food packaging

Our personalised food packaging is an environmentally friendly solution for your food business. These days, sustainability and making eco-friendly choices is increasingly important and it is something that customers look out for when deciding which companies to buy from. Therefore, our eco-friendly food packaging can add value to your business. It has the following properties:

  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Recyclable

Street food packaging

Street food has surged in popularity over the years, with pop-ups emerging in city and town centres and food festivals abounding where all kinds of food products can be found. Not only that but our fast-paced lives mean that we love to eat on the go, ordering takeaway breakfast or lunch when we’re working or travelling.

Our custom food packaging is perfect for takeaway containers; it can hold liquids and fats, and ensures easy and stain-free transportation. Whether you choose our printed food packaging to display your delicacies on the shelf, our containers for chips and popcorn or our boxes for sweets or biscuits, the only limit is your creativity.

Ordering custom food packaging

It is easy to order personalised food packaging from Pixartprinting. Simply choose which product style suits you better and head over to the relevant page. There you will find a step-by-step order form to guide you through the process. Select your preferred customisation options, such as size, material, etc., and a free quote will be displayed automatically.

Choose from a range of prices and delivery options to suit your needs and then send us your artwork. There are Template and Instructions files available to download to help you set up your print file, but if you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Then sit back and wait for your high-quality printed food packaging to be delivered to your door through our reliable shipping service.

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