Coffee pouches

Want coffee as fresh as the day it was ground? With our coffee pouches, you can! Available in four different sizes, they have an aluminium interior and a valve that releases any naturally produced moisture, keeping your product's original properties intact.

  • Four sizes

Coffee packaging: order your customised Coffee Pouches online

Are you looking for the right packaging for your products? With Pixartprinting, you can print personalised coffee packaging that is fully aligned with your company branding. The new aluminium coffee pouches are ideal for storing ground coffee because they preserve the aroma and natural freshness.

Coffee is flavour, tradition and art. You can convey all this through customised packaging. The quality of the product, the choice of raw materials, the production process and your company history can be described for the customer on original packaging.

On this page, you can select your preferred configuration options in just a few clicks to create custom coffee packaging: size, zip fastening and hang hole. We provide a useful template and instructions from our graphic designers to help you set up your print file. That way, you can ensure that you get the best result: Coffee Pouches customised with your graphics, printed in high resolution and with bright colours.

Aluminium Coffee Pouches: flexible and resistant

The paper/aluminium Doypacks provide flexible and resistant coffee packaging. The flexibility saves a substantial amount of space during storage and transport, and also when it is used by the customer. The resistance of the Coffee Pouches, which is ensured by our multi-layer technology in the material, protects the contents from recurrent situations of stress, which could take place during transport, for example. The aluminium barrier protects against moisture, light and shock. The Doypacks are also produced with less plastic than a rigid container of the same capacity.

Coffee packaging with degassing valve

The Coffee Pouches have a useful degassing valve. This is a device that allows gas to escape from the packaged product without allowing air in from the outside. This means that the product stays fresh and the internal pressure of the pouches is regulated to ensure that they remain intact during transport and storage.

Customising Coffee Pouches: sizes, zip and hole

The coffee packaging is fully customisable. Choose the configuration options that suit you best:

  • Size of the pouches:
    • 100 g (13x22 cm)
    • 200 g (15 x 25 cm)
    • 350 g (17x27 cm)
    • 450 g (19x26 cm)
    • 1000 g (24x31 cm)
    • 1100 g (26x31 cm)
  • Zip fastening: made from plastic, it makes it easier to open and seal the pouch. Closing the pack with the zip is not a substitute for sealing the pack in a controlled atmosphere for products that require it.
  • Hole: the hole makes it more convenient to display the product in-store.

Select the customisation options for your new Coffee Pouches and download the Template from this page. It will help you to set up your print file and make it easier for the graphics to adapt to the material.

Print customised coffee packaging aligned with your brand

Ordering your new custom Coffee Pouches from Pixartprinting is easy. Once you have configured the product on this page and set up your print file, you can choose the number of pouches you want to receive. Thanks to the automatic online quote, you will be able to see the final price of the product in real time as you personalise it. Remember, if you have any questions or specific requests, you can contact our Customer Care services. One of our experts will always be on hand to provide support at any stage of the process. After you have placed your order, your new coffee packaging will be sent directly to your company (or home) with fast and reliable shipping.

Coffee packaging: aluminium pouches and other ideas for your products

Our vast catalogue includes many solutions for custom packaging for your products. Not only Coffee Pouches but also personalised boxes in all shapes and sizes, and customised labels available in a wide range of materials.

Discover the best solutions for packaging your products!