Sample Packs and Colour Guides

A series of helpful tools to make your life easier: a small format colour guide, with 22,000 swatches; a colour guide for printing on rigid media; and sample packs for all large and small format materials.

Pixartprinting Colour Charts and Colour Swatches

At Pixartprinting we offer our clients a vast amount of choice in order to ensure that every project is tailor-made and suits their needs. However, we know that the sheer amount of choice we provide means that not every customer has a thorough understanding of the materials and printing options we provide which is why we offer colour charts and swatches.

If your project is printed on either paper or rigid material we can provide samples of all available options. Not only does this ensure that your merchandise will have the desired look and feel but also enables you to view other options available for future purchases. Using our colour charts you can also ensure that your project will be printed exactly in the manner which you require.

Pixartprinting Colour Charts

Whether you need inspiration for future projects or wish to see how your colour selections will print on your rigid media, Pixartprinting’s colour charts provide everything you need. Pixartprinting colour charts are constructed using 3mm thick Forex PVC so that they are lightweight and can be transported and displayed easily.

Our Pixartprinting colour charts come in three different sizes: 50cm x 70cm, 70cm x 100cm and 100cm 140cm. The smallest colour chart includes 550 colour samples, the mid-size 1190, and the larger size 2650. To ensure value for money all Pixartprinting colour charts can be used both indoors and outdoors as they withstand external elements for up to three years.

Pixartprinting Swatches

Pixartprinting provides swatches of both our paper and rigid materials so that you can determine which variation would be the most suitable for your project. Our rigid material sample selection comes complete with an elegant case and each sample of material includes information concerning its qualities and characteristics.

If you require further information on the materials available for small format stationery our £1 swatch book includes everything you need. Each book contains segments of papers that are suitable for both Digital and Litho printing and can be delivered in as little as 48 hours.

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After deciding which colour options and materials are suitable for your project, visit our rigid media or small format pages to place your order in just a few simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a paper sample? With Pixartprinting’s paper sample pack, you can feel and try out all our paper types before deciding which one will be most suitable for your product. This will give you added peace of mind, particularly if you plan to order large quantities and want to be sure that you’re making the right choice.
  • What is a colour chart? Pixartprinting offers a range of colour guides so that you can see for yourself how the colours will come out on different materials. We have colour charts available for the following: Labels and Stickers, Small Format, Rigid Media, Banners and Mesh, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, and Fabric.
  • When can I use a paper sample or a colour chart? The sample packs and colour guides allow you to test Pixartprinting’s quality before you order our actual products. You can touch the materials that we’ve selected and see the sharpness of the colours in front of you. This allows you to make an informed choice for your printing project.
  • How can I order a paper sample? Ordering a paper sample pack with Pixartprinting is easy! Simply select whether you want unbranded paper or paper with the Pixartprinting logo, give your project a name and the form will show you how quickly we can deliver.