Business Card Sample Pack

Order our business card sample pack and ensure you always have the full range of models in the Pixartprinting catalogue to hand. That way, can go through them with your clients and choose the option that best suits their different projects and needs. You can also take the pack to business meetings – the cards come in a convenient brown cardboard box.

Discover Your Ideal Model with Our Business Card Sample Pack

With a warm handshake or a reserved smile. There are many different ways to introduce oneself, but what matters is leaving a good impression. This applies to you as well as your company.

At Pixartprinting, we know this well, and that's why we provide you with a business card sample pack with all our models to help you understand the format and material that suits you best. You can look at and touch our products, getting to know us better and confidently choosing what you like the most. You can conveniently order our business card sample pack online and receive it in the office with fast and punctual shipping.

Choose the Material and Format of Business Card You Prefer

Our sample pack contains 11 different models of business cards, customizable with a wide range of paper, materials, and finishes. Numerous product types for endless presentation possibilities. Order the sample pack, and you will receive a gift voucher that you can use on your first purchase of Pixartprinting business cards. High print quality and affordable prices always available to you.

Business Card Sample Pack and Many Models to Choose From

Thanks to the business card sample pack, you can have our products in your hands. In the meantime, you can take a look at all our business card models to discover many different ways to present your company to clients and partners. Different shapes, materials, and colors to customize with your logo or specific graphics.