Double-sided Banners

Double-sided banners are made from multiple layers: a blockout banner core with a PVC banner on each side. The central layer prevents light from passing through, so the image on the back is not visible. This allows both sides of the banner to be customised, leaving plenty of space for your message. Perfect for roadside advertising that can be read when travelling in either direction.

  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional reinforced edges
  • Optional pole pocket

Double-sided banners

Double-sided banners for fairs and exhibitions

Double-sided banners are ideal for (trade) fairs, exhibitions, events and shopping malls. While lightweight and easy to carry, they are a striking presence once in place. We offer custom made banners in the UK in a variety of designs and dimensions. One of the most popular is the double-sided banner, which is made from a special material to enable double-sided printing.

Double-sided banners: outstanding quality

For our double-sided banners, we use ECO flat, strong, semi-rigid PVC / PET material that is fully biodegradable. Our advanced DURST P-10 printers guarantee brilliant print quality with vibrant colours that remain beautiful even when used outside. The strong materials and clever construction are fully prepared for heavy-duty use, making them ideal for a double-sided outdoor banner.

Double-sided banners: a smart innovation

With our double-sided banner, having to use two banners when making a double-sided presentation will be a thing of the past. The banner is made with a black intermediate layer, ensuring that the material is absolutely opaque, even in the brightest outdoor light.

Carefully craft and display your message to the world


Pixartprinting offers a wide array of portable custom-made banners in the UK with a suitable product for every occasion. The banners are printed exactly according to your wishes. Our advanced printing technologies combined with the use of high-quality materials ensure that they are a stylish and effective way to represent your corporate identity.

Double-sided banners: quick and easy online ordering

Pixartprinting provides its service to more than 80,000 customers throughout Europe. Our ordering process has been designed to offer a secure and comfortable experience. Simply indicate your specifications for your double-sided outdoor banner on the order form and upload your print file, using our handy template. All information is updated in real-time, giving you insight into progress anytime you want. If desired, one of our designers will check your file to make sure that all required information has been entered correctly.

Double-sided banners: fast delivery at competitive prices

Thanks to our advanced printing technologies and extensive experience in the printing industry, we can guarantee fast delivery of high-quality custom-made banners in the UK at prices that few other companies can match.

Our other displays

In addition to our range of double-sided outdoor banners, we also offer displays made from other materials. For example, take a look at our POS displays made from strong and light corrugated plastic, or consider our corrugated table displays and brochure racks.