Special Finish Wire-o Binding

If you are looking for a stylish publication that is also simple to read, practical and easy to handle, look no further than special finish wire-o binding. The three finishes – gold and silver foil and 3D varnish – are ideal for enhancing any cover.

– Custom size – Binding in various positions – Lamination available

Wire-o binding with special finishes

Wire-o binding is one of the most widely used binding types. Practical and reliable, spiral binding allows you to conveniently leaf through the pages and open the publication without ruining the binding. With Pixartprinting, you can now embellish the cover of your publication with a special finish: you can choose from 3D varnish and gold or silver foil. Special finish wire-o binding is recommended for printing publishing products with a premium look, like small booklets, calendars, guides and catalogues. Take a look!

Custom wire-o binding with special finishes

At Pixartprinting, “customisation” is the name of the game. We offer a wide range of configuration options to create the product you want: format, number of pages, paper for the pages and cover, lamination and special finishes. Special finishes allow you to highlight certain details of the cover. You can choose 3D varnish to give the print a 3D effect or gold or silver foil to make certain details shine. Your books with special finish wire-o binding will have a premium, elegant look.

Our tips for your special finish wire-o binding

You can tell us which parts of the artwork to apply the special finish to using the dedicated layer on the print file. Download the Template and use it to set up your file:

  • The artwork in the Finishing layer must not contain gradients, halftone screens or transparency, must consist of vector graphics and must use the Finishing colour swatch.
  • You can make the finishes any shape you like, giving you more creative freedom.
  • We recommend using a font size of at least 10 pt and a line weight of at least 1 pt.
  • Finally, we recommend avoiding placing finishes over creases, to prevent the varnish or coating from breaking.