Flat Pouches

Flat pouches are designed to hold a vast array of products: from larger sizes perfect for luxury clothing, through to smaller versions for the food or pharmaceutical sectors. Whatever you fill them with, your pouches will give the contents visibility, style and protection.

  • Four different sizes
  • With resealable zip and Euro slot

Flat Pouches: customisable Doypack pouches for condiments, sauces and supplements

Flat Pouches are the ideal solution for packaging liquid, semi-liquid or solid products, including condiments, sauces and food supplements. Like the other Doypack pouches in our catalogue, Flat Pouches offer a series of advantages for producers and consumers alike:

  • Flexible: they save a considerable amount of space during storage and transportation, and fit easily in consumers' cupboard. They are available in various sizes and are suited to a wide range of different uses.
  • Tough and waterproof: they are designed to protect their contents and to avoid any possible contamination during distribution or when on display. They can withstand potential stresses like scratches or bumps, making them perfect for holding liquid, semi-liquid or solid products.
  • Sustainable: they contain less plastic than a solid container of the same capacity.
  • Customisable: Pixartprinting makes it quick and easy for you to customise your new Flat Pouches – simply select your chosen options on this page. Once you have finished personalising your product, you can order it in just a few clicks and have it delivered directly to your business or your home.

Discover Flat Pouches: Standard or Recyclable, and available in different sizes

We have two different designs of Flat Pouches for you:

  • Standard Flat Pouches: made using multi-layer technology that combines a high-barrier transparent film with a layer of aluminium, and suitable for direct contact with food products.
  • Recyclable Flat Pouches: also certified food safe, and made from layers of recyclable paper combined with a high-barrier film.

Choose the size that best meets your needs from the following options:

  • 4,5 x 13 cm (10 ml)
  • 8 x 11 cm (30 ml)
  • 6 x 24 cm (70 ml)
  • 15 x 17 cm (250 ml)
  • 19 x 27 cm (1100 ml)
  • 30 x 35 cm (3500 ml)

The 8 x 11 cm pouches can be ordered with a handy zip fastening, a simple way of ensuring the contents stay fresh. The other sizes are recommended for printing single-serve pouches.

Customising your Flat Pouches

With Pixartprinting you can create single-serve pouches or reusable pouches that match your brand's corporate identity. Your artwork will be printed in high definition on the surface of the Flat Pouches using the latest printing technology. Choose your preferred options and download the template from the product page. On it, you will find instructions from our experts on setting up your print file correctly, for the best possible result: high-quality customised Doypack Flat Pouches. Don't forget that if you have any queries or specific requests you can always contact our Customer Support service: we're on hand to provide assistance at any stage of the buying process.

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