Advertising Banners - All materials

Say it big with advertising banners. From classic banners and mesh to backlit or blockout designs, choose the material that best suits your project. Perfect for advertising along roads, on the front of buildings or at trade fairs, or for use as signage at festivals.

  • Cut square or to shape
  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional pole pocket

Advertising banners

Attention-grabbing advertising banners

Stand out from the competition with custom promotional banners that get your message noticed! In a choice of five high-quality materials, our advertising banners deliver durability, vivid colours and clear details to ensure that your brand makes a strong impression. Choose from mesh fabric, ideal for outdoor advertising, or fabric for backlighting, plus much more. Our wide range includes advertising banners for different contexts, and they can all be fully customised to meet your needs.

Advertising banners – All materials

Our promotional banners can be ordered in five different materials:

  • Extreme Classic PVC 500 gsm: this is a very popular material as it is suitable for a number of applications and is durable, lasting up to three years without protection
  • Extreme Classic PVC 650 gsm: a slightly heavier version, again very popular for its durability and resistance
  • EcoFlat 398 gsm, self-extinguishing: a multi-layer PVC/PET/PVC material with a semi-rigid surface and grey back. An ideal choice for banners, roller banners and displays
  • Extreme Backlight 450 gsm: economical, durable (lasting up to three years) and suitable for backlighting
  • Mesh 260 gsm: this windproof material is designed for outdoor use and is made from microperforated PVC
  • PET PVC-free blockout 240 gsm: a material made from PET that does not contain PVC: provides the same durability and strength as traditional material, but can be recycled, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

With the Extreme Classic PVC 500 gsm fabric, you can choose from four different formats with reinforcement and eyelets included or set your own custom format, whereas with the other materials, you choose the format yourself and enter your preferred dimensions. The promotional banners can be printed in landscape or portrait with square-cut edges or a custom shape.

What accessories are available with the advertising banners?

Pixartprinting offers a variety of eyelets that you can order with your advertising banners. You can choose from galvanised eyelets and extra-strong polycarbonate eyelets, and add a black or white bungee if you wish. The bungees hook onto the eyelets and attach the banner to poles or supporting structures. You can opt for reinforced edges to strengthen the area around the eyelets and prevent tearing, plus you can add a pole pocket to any side of your new promotional banners.

How to order custom advertising banners from Pixartprinting

Advertising banners can be ordered quickly and easily on this page. Configure your promotional banners on the online order form and choose your desired quantity. A quote will automatically generate, giving you a choice of prices and delivery dates. If you can wait a bit longer to receive your new advertising banners, you can enjoy cheaper prices! You can upload your print file to us or purchase one of our design services and our graphic designers will create the artwork for you. Alternatively, use our free online tool called Designer and upload images, add text and backgrounds and create the design on our website!

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