Beer Labels

Even beer bottles have their own special labels, printed on materials that are resistant to liquids and oil stains. Choose from our vast range of eco-friendly papers, and create labels that epitomise your product.

  • 16 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

Custom Beer Labels

Do you own a brewery or love brewing beer at home? Do you want to decorate your beer bottles with original and easily recognizable labels? With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print your new custom beer labels online.

We offer numerous customization options to allow you to create beautiful adhesive beer bottle labels: custom format, material, lamination, and finishing. Arranged on a roll, your new labels can be applied manually or using an automatic labeling machine. Discover and order them through this page!

Print Your Custom Beer Labels Online

With Pixartprinting, you can easily and quickly print unique and tailor-made beer labels in just a few clicks. Select the customization options you prefer and give your labels the desired appearance:

  1. Dimensions: For beer labels, the minimum printable surface measures 1x1 cm, while the maximum is 30x30 cm.
  2. Format: We offer 4 predefined formats (Circular, Square, Oval, and Rectangular), but you can also print labels in custom format.
  3. Material: There are 10 different materials available for printing your adhesive beer labels. Each material has unique properties that will enhance your graphics.
  4. Exit direction: You can choose from four possibilities: 0°, 90°, 180°, or -90°.
  5. Distance between labels: The minimum distance between labels within the roll is 0.8 cm.
  6. Core inner diameter: 76 mm.
  7. Division into rolls: You can arrange your beer labels on a single roll, 33 cm high, 2 rolls, each 16.5 cm high, 3 rolls, each 11 cm high, or 6 rolls, each 5.5 cm high.
  8. Label cutting method: Half-cut die. Only the adhesive material is cut, not the support on which it is applied, to facilitate the lamination process (especially for small labels).
  9. White printing: On some types of special paper, selective white printing is possible.
  10. Finishing: Labellife 3 anti-scratch varnish, glossy or matte lamination.
  11. Nobilitation: You can highlight some details of the graphics through 3D varnish or gold or silver lamination.

Custom Beer Labels on Paper

How can you enhance a beer bottle? You can do it through the graphics of your label, the print quality, and also by choosing the right Material. You can choose from 7 types of beer labels on paper:

  • Laid paper: Made of pure cellulose, chalk color, with anti-mold and anti-humidity treatment, with good adhesion to wet surfaces even at low temperatures.
  • Satin effect paper: Pearl white, embossed, for a surface effect similar to satin.
  • Felt effect paper: Natural uncoated paper with a rough surface similar to fabric. Resists stains thanks to the Greaseproof treatment.
  • Barrier paper: Water-resistant paper, designed to customize wine or beer bottles immersed in ice buckets or jars stored in refrigerated spaces.
  • Vegetable fiber paper: Coated adhesive paper with vegetable fibers from herbs, characterized by a yellow-brown background color and imperfections in the mixture that give it an "eco-friendly" appearance.
  • Gold paper: Glossy gold laminated with a metallic effect.
  • Black paper: Black colored with high-quality paste. Good adhesion to wet surfaces, even at low temperatures, and excellent resistance to immersion in water and ice.

Plastic Beer Labels

We also offer 3 types of plastic beer labels:

  • White polypropylene: Glossy white with high transparency permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Transparent polypropylene: Glossy transparent with high transparency permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Holographic polypropylene: Material with a mirrored finish and rainbow effect. Resistant to water, UV rays, and oil.

If you are undecided, order our label and sticker sample book to personally try out all our materials!

Laminated Beer Bottle Labels

To protect the printing of your new beer bottle labels, we recommend applying surface lamination when possible. For example, anti-scratch varnish protects the label's surface from scratches and UV rays.

Furthermore, to enhance some details of the print, you can also apply enhancements, choosing between 3D varnish and gold or silver lamination. A particular three-dimensional or metallic effect will make your label pleasing to the touch and sight.

In the downloadable Instructions from the page, you will find our graphic designers' guidelines for correctly setting up your print file. This way, you will be sure to achieve the desired effect.

Print Your Custom Beer Labels Online

With Pixartprinting, you can easily and quickly print your new custom beer labels. You can do it through this page in just a few clicks:

  1. Select the customization options you prefer.
  2. Download the Template with the Instructions from the page and set up your print file. If you don't have a print file yet, you can use Designer - our free online editor - to create your new graphics.
  3. Place the order and upload your graphics to complete the purchase.

You will receive your new adhesive labels directly in your office or home with fast and punctual delivery. Remember that our Customer Support team is always available to assist you with any doubts or special requests.

Labeling Beer Bottles

The label is a fundamental promotional tool to have great visibility on store shelves and in refrigerators or on menus in bars and restaurants. The label makes a beer bottle immediately recognizable and captivating, and it conveys all the product information to the consumer.

Here are some information that must be included on a beer label, as indicated by regulations:

  • Designation.
  • Name, business name, and address of the manufacturer.
  • Alcohol content of the beer, expressed as a percentage of the total volume of the content.
  • Batch number.
  • Expiration date of the product. Not mandatory for products with an alcohol content equal to or greater than 10%.
  • Volume of the content expressed in liters or its submultiples.
  • Possible presence of allergens.

What other information can be printed on the label? You can enrich your new beer labels with your logo, a product description, an illustration, or an original image.

Artisanal Beer Labels

Do you produce artisanal beer? Do you want to promote your product by highlighting its every quality? Through an adhesive label, you have the opportunity to do so, unleashing your ideas and creativity. For example, to stimulate customer curiosity, you can include colorful illustrations or original images inside the label, describing the taste of your beer.

Through an artisanal beer label, you can also tell the story of the product, with references to the place of production and the ingredients used.

Beer Labels and Other Ideas for Your Products

In addition to adhesive labels, to make your beer bottles more appealing, you can also equip them with bottle tags and security seals. Personalize them to provide your customers with additional information about your beer!

And if you want to advertise your products, we recommend you also check out flyers, folded leaflets, posters, and postcards. On our website, you can find many ideas to promote your business. Discover them all!