Expobanner Deluxe-mono

Standing more than two metres tall, the Expobanner Deluxe-mono is the ideal single-sided display to promote your message in crowded locations like trade fairs, shopping centres, conferences or shops. The banner is easy to assemble and can be changed as often as you like to suit the event.

  • Print available separately

Expobanner Deluxe-Mono: Elevate Your Visual Merchandising with Premium Floor Displays

Introducing the Expobanner Deluxe-Mono, an exceptional floor display brought to you by Pixartprinting, designed to provide the utmost in quality and versatility. This customisable display stands out as the preferred solution for those seeking a practical and adaptable marketing tool.

When it comes to visual merchandising, the Expobanner Deluxe-Mono display surpasses expectations. Crafted with materials of the highest calibre, it boasts structural integrity that ensures durability and long-lasting impact. Whether you're preparing for meetings, showcasing your brand at trade fairs, or transforming your showroom, this display is your go-to promotional companion.

Customising your Expobanner Deluxe-Mono display is a straightforward process. Pixartprinting offers a range of options that cater to your unique communication needs. From graphics and branding to sizing and finishing touches, you have the creative freedom to make this display truly your own.

Join a community of over 80,000 satisfied customers all across Europe who rely on Pixartprinting's commitment to quality year after year. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your Expobanner Deluxe-Mono display not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Invest in the Expobanner Deluxe-Mono today and elevate your visual merchandising strategy to new heights. Make a lasting impression with this premium floor display that combines form, function, and style to perfection.