Packaging Tape

Trust our parcel tape to provide a secure and eco-friendly seal for your boxes. 100% customisable, it's made from paper and a plant-based adhesive. Designed to prevent attempts to tear the tape and interfere with your packages, if forced it will damage the container, making any tampering immediately apparent.

  • White or brown
  • Water activated
  • Reinforced with fibres

Packaging Tape: our new customised parcel tape

Our new personalised Packaging Tape is the ideal solution for unique and instantly recognisable packaging. You can print your original graphics on the full surface of the tape, which is made from paper with a water-activated vegetable glue. Plus, the Water-Activated Packaging Tape is convenient to use and effective: it secures packaging excellently and enables you to see if it has been tampered with during shipping.

With Pixartprinting, you can print customised Packaging Tape quickly and easily on this page. Select your preferred configuration options, download the useful Template and Instructions from our Graphic Designers and set up your print file. Once you have submitted your order and uploaded the print file, your new Packaging Tape will be sent directly to your office (or home) through our punctual Shipping service. Remember, if you have any questions or specific requests, you can rely on our Customer Support services. One of our advisors will always be on hand to help at any stage of the purchasing process.

Water-Activated Paper Packaging Tape

The Packaging Tape is made from White or Havana reinforced paper, with water-activated vegetable glue. After putting it in a tape moistener, it is ready and easy to use. That's why it is becoming the solution most widely used by the biggest e-commerce businesses for packaging and shipping parcels.

fully customised with your original graphics. You can print in high definition over the entire surface of the tape, receiving a unique product that is fully aligned with your branding!

Plus, the Paper Packaging Tape has greater resistance to tearing and prevents the package from being tampered with, because it will leave a trace if opened by someone else.

Printing custom Packaging Tape

Available on 30 m or 90 m rolls, the Packaging Tape is 5 cm high. You can use the entire surface of it to print your personalised graphics. This will make your packages instantly recognisable and give them a professional look. Playing with the box and the tape, you can create some amazing and totally original combinations. Unleash your creativity and treat your customers to a great unboxing experience!

Once you have finished configuring the product on this page, you will see an automatic quote, which will give you a precise indication of the price. This will be calculated in real time as you customise the product, helping you to choose the right options for your requirements.

Packaging Tape and other ideas for your Shipping Supplies

At Pixartprinting, you can find all kinds of products for custom Shipping Supplies. In addition to the new Paper Packaging Tape, we also offer classic custom Packaging Tape and several models of Postal Boxes and Envelopes. Made from robust corrugated cardboard, the Postal Boxes can be printed with your graphics and used to give your customers a memorable unboxing experience.

Find the ideal solution for you and enjoy a convenient and effective printing service!