Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the most widely used binding method. The pages are glued to the cover, providing an easy and affordable way to create your publications. From shop catalogues to company profiles, perfect binding is the ideal solution for all your needs.

  • Custom size
  • Wide range of papers
  • Lamination and special finishes available

Perfect Bound Book Printing for Magazines, Catalogues and Books

The Perfect Bound Book

An alternative to stitch binding is perfect binding, a cheap and cost-effective way to create professional looking publications including books and catalogues. Perfect binding consists of milling the binding edge of your interior pages and then affixing this to your chosen cover.

Perfect bound printing is a popular choice for books and catalogues as it has a number of benefits. It makes sense financially as it’s cheaper than hardcover yet still looks sleek and gives you the high-quality aesthetic you’re seeking. The added bonus is that the name of the publication can be printed on the spine, making it ideal for books or catalogues.

Pixartprinting provides a wide range of customisation options enabling clients to create perfect bound book printing jobs, each with their own paper type and cover designs. If you require other forms of binding please visit our stapled, stitch binding, or spiral binding pages for more information.

Perfect bound book printing - contexts

The Pixartprinting perfect bound book printing service is suitable for all sorts of publications, not only books. If you have a business, you can choose perfect binding for your corporate brochure containing company information, which you can hand out to prospective customers at trade fairs or when you visit their premises. You could also create a brochure to advertise a particular product or service. Or why not use perfect binding for your monthly newsletter or magazine? It is also ideal for shop catalogues and price lists. So, whatever your publication, there are many advantages to perfect bound book printing.

Perfect Bound Printing

Please note that when entering the number of sides for each document each page consists of 2 sides. Pixartprinting provides perfect binding for three publications sizes: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4), 14.8cm x 21cm (A5) and 21cm x 14.8cm (A5 horizontal). Alternatively, you can also choose your own dimensions.

The Perfect Paper for your Perfect Bound Book

There is a variety of paper types to choose from. Our standard paper options include Classic Demimatt – Matt Coated and Classic Gloss – Gloss Coated paper, whilst for a more luxurious appearance you can choose from the following: Extraprint – Brilliant White Smooth Uncoated; Rembrandt Stipple Textured Uncoated; Underwood – Woodstock Birch. Recycled paper can also be used for an environmentally friendly perfect bound printing project with character.

There are additional paper types available for the cover page. Really make an impact with the Pearl Paper, the Turner – Orange Peel Texture or the Ice White – Brilliant White Uncoated Linen Finish paper. For each paper type the weight is indicated on the online form, and in some cases, you can select from a number of possible weights.

Perfect bound book printing – order online

The online order form is broken down into steps to make your purchase as simple as possible. The first step is to select your preferred options for your perfect bound book printing project. The second step is to choose your ideal quantity and delivery date. If you can wait a bit longer for your delivery, you can benefit from even cheaper prices. In this step, you can also select an enhanced file check for a small additional fee. The final step is to download the Instructions and Template files so that you can check that your artwork meets our guidelines.

If you have any questions about perfect bound book printing, placing an order or delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Support team.

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