Feather Flags

You don't need a megaphone to attract attention: a feather flag is enough! Discover the vast range of models available, both for indoor spaces, like shops or shopping centres, and outdoor spaces, like festivals or open-air events.

Feather Flags and Outdoor Flags for Promotions

Professional Solutions for Your Communication

Feather flags are large fabric printed products that allow you to display your brand or logo prominently from a distance. These unique advertising tools grab attention, making them a powerful advertising tool.

Feather flags are the perfect choice for events, trade shows, and outdoor competitions, such as surfing, water sports, or motor racing championships. They add a dynamic element with their movement in the wind, creating impactful communication.

Printing on feather flags gives your brand visibility in a different, modern way. With Pixartprinting, you have numerous options to customise your advertising flags to your liking. They also help your business stand out from competitors, making your company visible from afar. Choose the logo that best represents your brand, company, or event and let it wave!

Customisable Promotion Flags: Choose the Type That Suits Your Needs

Pixartprinting offers feather flags and outdoor flags made from durable, wind-resistant nautical fabric, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions without fading. They are the ideal choice for outdoor advertising, and they significantly increase the visibility of your brand or event in outdoor settings.

You can select from various types of promotion flags. Pixartprinting offers the following models:

  • Drop Display: This drop-shaped flag, made from wind-resistant nautical fabric, is ideal for promoting your message outdoors. When it comes to customising promotion flags, this model offers numerous personalisation options. It is available in four sizes (XS, S, M, and XL) and comes with different attachment accessories.
  • Beach Flag: These affordable promotion flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Printed on 115g wind-resistant nautical fabric, they are highly resistant to wind. You can also customise them with various options. When ordering promotion flag printing, choose from four available sizes (XS, S, M, and XL) and five attachment accessories (round base, cross base, cross base with weights, ground spike, or water-filled base).
  • Banderole Display: These fabric flags feature an aluminium structure and a water or sand-fillable base. If you want to increase visibility for your business outdoors, this option is perfect due to its material's high durability. Like the previous custom flags, it is available in various sizes (XS, S, M, and XL).
  • Flag Display: Advertising flags Flag Display are available in a size of 110 x 410 cm and come with an aluminium structure with a weightable base. If you're looking for high-quality promotional flags at an affordable price, this is the product for you. You won't find better-priced advertising feather flags!
  • Pole Display: If you need a flag for lamp posts or poles, this product is ideal. With a structure consisting of two bars and a height-adjustable fabric, this is the perfect choice for promoting your business on posts or lamp posts.

Sublimation printing ensures durability and vibrant colours, making these flags suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including trade shows, conferences, offices, businesses, promotional events, and any situation where you want to attract potential customers' attention.

You can choose to purchase only the fabric printing or both the fabric and the aluminium and fiberglass structure.

How to Order Your Custom Feather Flags

You can customise and order your promotion flags on our website with just a few clicks. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the template containing the instructions.
  2. Select your customisation options and the quantity of custom flags you need.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Upload your design file in the designated section of the page.
  5. Complete your purchase.

We will take care of the rest. Remember that we have a multilingual Customer Service team at your disposal to assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your needs.

What are you waiting for? Order the printing of promotional flags for your business now and give it the visibility it deserves!

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Promotion Flags: Frequently Asked Questions

At Pixartprinting, we want to make things easy by offering a wide range of customisation options and the best materials for your promotion flags. In case you have any questions, we aim to answer them right here and right now.

If you want to print promotion flags for your business and have any doubts, keep reading: this is your section.

  • How can I print promotion flags with Pixartprinting? To order your promotion flags, start by visiting the Pixartprinting website. Once there, go to the Expositors section and you will find the Banderolas subsection. You will see that there are different models of promotion flags available, so choose the type you prefer, select the customisation options you want, and upload the design you want us to print on your promotion flags. Finally, let us know how many units you need and provide a shipping address, complete the payment, and you're done! You just have to wait for them to arrive!
  • Between which models of promotion flags can I choose? If there's one thing that sets us apart at Pixartprinting, it's variety and customisation. That's why we offer up to five different types of promotion flags so you can choose the one that best suits your business or event. Among the available promotion flags are: Drop Display, Beach Flag, Banderole Display, Flag Display, and Pole Flag Display. Choose the model you prefer and communicate your message outdoors with our promotion flags.
  • Why should I choose Pixartprinting to print my promotion flags? At Pixartprinting, we use the latest printing technology on the market, allowing us to achieve high-resolution prints quickly, even for large print runs, all at very competitive prices. Additionally, we conduct extensive market research to find the best materials for our products, ensuring not only high-quality printing but also durable items over time. Furthermore, our deliveries are always punctual and fast, so the waiting time for your promotion flags to arrive will be quite short. Finally, we have a Customer Service team available in multiple languages to address your questions or suggestions in your own language.