Feather Flags

You don't need a megaphone to attract attention: a feather flag is enough! Discover the vast range of models available, both for indoor spaces, like shops or shopping centres, and outdoor spaces, like festivals or open-air events.

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Feather Flags – Displays - Pixartprinting

Custom printed Flag Banners

Pixartprinting provides 3 versions of feather flag sizes each designed with durability and ease of use in mind. Choose from drop, flag or banderole feather flags in either standard or XL dimensions to ensure your brand is represented and noticed in the desired manner.

All feather flags are created using the most durable materials including aluminium and glass fibre to ensure longevity and stability. Feather flags can be situated in both internal and external environments as Pixartprinting delivers various stands enabling customers to place their feather flags on a range of surfaces.

Feather banner printing

Pixartprinting’s online forms provide information concerning the dimensions and weight of each feather banner to provide customers with an impression of how their final product will appear. Online form also shows the scale of each project as they include an illustration showing the height of the feather banner alongside an average human.

Pixartprinting prints all advertising flags on 115gsm nautical sheet flags that come with wind resistant technology to ensure they withstand all weather conditions. Drop display and banderole feather flags come with the option to have either round or tip support bases to accommodate being placed on interior or exterior surfaces.

Printed Feather Flags

To simplify the ordering process, Pixartprinting provides free Instruction Manuals and templates for a wide range of products. These documents include information on margins, bleed lines and graphic file formatting; or for just £3.33 our Graphic Designers can perform a full graphic file verification check to ensure optimal printing.

Pixartprinting delivers a number of our customisable stationery products in as little as 48 hours, however those who order in advance can benefit from reduced delivery costs. Once your order is complete you will be able to monitor its progression via a personal Pixartprinting online account which can also be used for future orders.

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