Paper Sample Pack

Which is better – a classic or deluxe paper? Should you opt for lamination or a matt coating? To dispel any doubts you may have and choose the perfect material with confidence, order our sample pack – you'll be able to take a close-up look at all our paper types, feel their texture with your own hands and see the effect of the various special finishes. An indispensable solution for both you and your clients' projects.

Pixartprinting's Paper Sample Pack

Pixartprinting's Paper Sample Pack is an essential tool for designing and creating your communication projects. A true "must-have" for graphic design professionals, it can give you an idea of color rendering on different paper supports. It is a convenient sample pack, thanks to its compact size, allowing you to have it always at hand.

Order your new Paper Sample Pack with just a few clicks now, to receive it conveniently at your office with fast and punctual delivery, without taking time away from your daily work activities.

Many paper supports to bring your ideas to life: Underwood Paper, Rembrandt Paper, Turner Paper, and many more

We offer a wide range of products to give substance to your ideas and a fresh look to your communication. Inside our website, you can find the section dedicated to small format, with business cards, flyers, and leaflets. All our products are strictly customizable and tailor-made for you. You just need an idea to shape!

Personalization and purchase with Pixartprinting are simple and fast. You can follow the template instructions (downloadable from the product page) to correctly set up the file containing your graphics and perfectly adapt the image to the chosen paper support.

In our sample kits section, you can find our other guides for the many available products. We particularly recommend the new colour guide to check the color rendering on different material surfaces.

Why choose Pixartprinting?

We are the European leaders in Web to Print, and our goal is to always provide you with the best printing quality at affordable prices, with great attention to service punctuality. We use the latest technologies to enhance each support, which has a unique way of receiving ink. Experience its properties firsthand with our Paper Sample Pack!

We accompany you in choosing and creating your promotional products, not only with our convenient sample packs but also with customer support services always available to assist you during ordering or post-purchase.

All that's left for you to do is to try our products. Order the Paper Sample Pack now and experience the quality of Pixartprinting's offer firsthand!