Envelope Sample Pack

Order our envelope sample pack and choose the perfect envelope for your correspondence: you will receive every model and material, so you can select the most suitable option for important messages, sales promotions or small objects like catalogues or photographs.

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When you buy one of our sample packs, you will receive a voucher of the same value as the sample pack, net of VAT and shipping costs, which you can use on products and/or materials contained in the sample pack purchased. The discount code will be sent to you via email the day after the order is shipped. To receive the voucher, the price of the individual sample pack must be greater than €1. The promotion does not apply to products in the colour guide category.
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The right envelope for each form of communication

If you have some documents to send but you're not sure which is the best envelope to use, this is the perfect way to ensure that you make the right choice. The envelope sample pack offers five envelopes produced using offset printing, each of which has its own unique features, so that your documents travel in the most suitable format every time. You can also have the Pixartprinting logo printed on your sample pack if you wish.

  1. Full colour envelopes: ideal for full colour communication, and the entire surface (23x11 cm) can be personalised. They are made from Classic Demimatt - Matt Coated paper and are printed in four colours.
  2. Business envelopes: have a certified anti-transparency internal print and an adhesive flap with extra-resistant glue. There are nine different sizes available in Classic Uncoated paper and they can be printed in one, two or four colours.
  3. Pocket envelopes: their adhesive flap makes them easy to open and they also feature an Open Plus seal. Available in four sizes in Classic Uncoated paper, they can be printed in one, two or four colours.
  4. Postage envelopes: recommended for professional high-performance franking machines. There are three sizes available for these envelopes made from Classic Uncoated paper, and they can be printed in one, two or four colours.
  5. Tyvek envelopes: made from a tear-proof and waterproof material, ideal for protecting documents and sending important communication. Choose from four different sizes and print in four colours or in black and white.

Free yourself from doubt

After you've found the perfect envelopes for your communication, you can do the same for other useful items for your business by using our other helpful sample packs, so that you can be sure your future purchases are right for you.