A huge range of natural and synthetic textiles ideal for interior decoration and customised furnishings.

Fabric Printing and Flag Printing

Custom Fabric Printing

For a number of years, Pixartprinting has provided customers with fully customisable stationery, and we have recently decided to adapt our offerings and print on fabric. Whether you require T-shirt printing, canvas printing, printed tote bags, custom flags or a photo fabric printing service, Pixartprinting delivers a high-quality digital printing service at competitive prices.

As with all Pixartprinting products, customers can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes when printing on fabric to ensure that your final project is in line with your company’s branding and requirements. Each fabric printing service can be delivered in as little as 48 hours, providing a fast turnaround for those with stringent time frames.

Fabric printing – Your choices

Pixartprinting boasts a wide range of fabric printing services, which we have split into different categories for your convenience. Each category page will explain the product in more detail and have a straightforward quote form with a variety of customisation options to choose from. This gives you complete control over your product. Plus, the price and delivery dates update automatically as you complete the form.

The categories available are as follows:

  • Flags and Synthetic Fabrics: with a choice of five fabrics, some of which are suitable for outdoor use, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your brand’s advertising flags and banners.
  • Finished Natural Fabrics: a wide range of finished fabrics available including cotton, silk, cashmere, modal and more. The finishing process enhances their performance, making them ideal for interior furnishings and clothing.
  • Custom Size TFS Frame Print: if you already have a frame, these prints come on 100% polyester fabric with a keder edge for quick and easy installation.
  • Rolled Canvas Prints: on a natural cotton fabric with the appearance of canvas, these prints are a unique option for decorating your spaces in style.
  • Clothing: subcategories include digitally printed T-shirts and Polo Shirts, all customisable with your artwork and available in a range of colours and sizes.
  • Country Flags: Feeling patriotic? You have a choice of 32 country flags on 115 gsm windproof outdoor fabric that will last up to two years outdoors.

Fabric printing – Clothing

If you want clothing that reflects your style or branding, Pixartprinting’s customisable T-shirts and polo shirts are a great choice. Add your logo or design to them so that your employees stand out or create a personalised T-shirt with a photo for a unique photo fabric printing gift.

  • Digitally printed T-shirts: made from 100% cotton, they are printed using a direct-to-garment printing system with water-based inks. They are available in various men’s, women’s and children’s sizes with a choice of six colours
  • Polo shirts: men’s and women’s polo shirts made from 100% cotton. The print can appear on the left of the chest, centre back or both. Six colours to choose from

Fabric printing – Synthetic fabrics and flags

Create banners and flags for indoor or outdoor advertising by printing on a range of synthetic materials. These include polyester, elastic fabric, windproof outdoor fabric, deluxe indoor fabric and non-woven fabric. They all have different characteristics and weights, so explore the various options to find the perfect one for your photo fabric printing project.

You have the possibility to add reinforced edges and a pole pocket, plus a choice of accessories, such as eyelets, pullbacks and hooks. If you opt for eyelets or pullbacks, a double-stitched reinforced hem will be added as standard.

Choosing synthetic fabrics for your photo fabric printing project will give you a durable and eye-catching end result.

Techniques for Fabric printing

Pixartprinting uses a variety of techniques to print on fabric according to the material you select for your project. We use direct sublimation printing for synthetic materials and polyester fabrics, which provides bright, sharp colours for clothing or advertising banners, whilst four-colour Direct to Garment printing is ideal for natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, and when it comes to totes and bags made from cloth or non-woven fabric, screen printing is the technique we use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I print on fabric? With Pixartprinting, you can print your own graphics on a range of fabrics including cotton, silk, wool and cashmere. Choose the right material for your project and select your preferred customisation options to print on fabric online with excellent results.
  • What is digital printing on fabric? Pixartprinting uses different techniques to print on fabric depending on your chosen material. This ensures the highest possible quality and sharp colours. Our convenient order form provides you with a quote and estimated delivery date in real time, making it quick and easy to print fabric products online.
  • Where can I get photos printed on fabric? Pixartprinting offers a high-quality fabric printing service at affordable prices. Print your photos or graphics on your chosen fabric in just a few simple steps on our website, customise your product with a variety of options such as size and finish, then enjoy fast delivery to your door.
  • What fabric products can I find in the catalogue? Our extensive catalogue includes a selection of fabric products to choose from: Synthetic Fabrics and Flags, Finished Natural Fabrics, Custom Size TFS Frame Print, Rolled Canvas Prints, Clothing and Country Flags. We’ve got your indoor and outdoor promotions covered.