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Special Offers - Printing Deals

200 Business Cards, 50 Posters and 200 Invitations 

At Pixartprinting we understand that those who have recently started their own businesses may not have the funds to invest heavily in bespoke stationery. This is why we have created special offers all new clients with a valid VAT number one of 4 special offers where you can try our products for just £1.

Choose from 50 posters A3,  200 invitations 10cm x 15cm , 200 business cards or 5 70cm x 100cm posters for just £1. Each of these products will benefit your business as well as give you an impression of the remarkable quality of Pixartprinting’s merchandise.

Special Offers - £1 Business Cards, Invitations and Posters

As with all our products, ordering your £1 Special offers  merchandise only takes a few simple steps using our online ordering forms. Our forms have been created with ease of use in mind, meaning they include information concerning all selections as well as diagrams to ensure that you receive your desired final product. Whether you are looking for free invitations or just party invitations, Pixartprinting make it simple and easy to use.

Even if you have never created a graphic file before, Pixartprinting can assist you as we provide downloadable Instruction Manuals which include information on bleed lines and margins. Furthermore, after placing your order our professional Graphic Designers will perform a free full graphic file check which usually incurs a £3.40 surcharge.

Special Offers - Free Business Cards and Invitations Delivery

Pixartprinting delivers fully customisable stationery to around 80,000 clients per month meaning that we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to delivering merchandise in a small timeframe. This is why we can deliver all £1 stationery within just 48 hours and provide updates on the status of your order via an online Pixartprinting account.

Pixartprinting provides various forms of customer service so that ordering your products is exceptionally simple. The Pixartprinting FAQ page contains information on placing orders and common questions concerning graphic files, and if you require even further assistance our Support Service are always happy to help.

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