If you need something streamlined and versatile, you'll find one of our brochures does the job perfectly: practical staple-bound brochures or easy-to-peruse folding designs are the key to effective communication.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Talk about your brand, print your story
Tell every chapter of your business's story in a corporate brochure. Outline the strengths and values that make your brand one of a kind, and create a bespoke product of the highest quality.
Inform, analyse, amaze!
Create a brochure talking about your business and your products and services, and tell your customers about your strengths, a particular service you offer or your shop's ethos. These practical and convenient items are also perfect for mailouts or posting through doors.

Print your booklets online

A booklet is a brochure with a limited number of pages, used for information or advertising purposes. It is quick to flick through to get a series of information about a company, service or event. It has a very low production cost and is usually printed in a large number of copies. With Pixartprinting, you can print your booklets online quickly and easily. On this page, you can select your preferred binding type: staple bound brochures, perfect bound brochures or wire-o bound brochures. Then, on the product page you can choose your favourite customisation options to create your ideal brochure. When you have finished configuring your product and have placed your order, the product will be sent directly to your home or office with fast and punctual shipping.

Types of binding for your booklets

Your new booklets will be printed in high definition and will look unique with bright colours and sharp details. We offer various binding types:

  • Staple bound booklets: the pages of your new brochures will be joined to each other and to the cover using simple metal staples. This is the cheapest, fastest and most convenient binding type listed. It is also the most common for brochure printing.
  • Perfect bound booklets: perfect binding involves using a special glue to join the various pages to the cover. It is mainly used for the production of booklets or books with a lot of pages.
  • Wire-o bound booklets: in this case, the pages of the brochure have holes punched in them and a cylindrical metal spiral inserted. It is a fast and convenient binding type.

Print booklets and other products for your communications

On our website, you can find lots of solutions for printing your projects. Printing and binding for any of your publications in just a few clicks: booklets, books (including hardback), catalogues, magazines and much more. You can choose your preferred binding type and create your ideal product: stapled binding, perfect binding, sewn binding or wire-o binding. We offer high-definition printing on a wide range of standard and special papers.