Bespoke Blank Labels

Bespoke blank labels are the ideal solution for anyone requiring plain, cut-to-shape labels to print themselves. The size and shape of the label can be customised to fit the model of printer used: our labels are compatible with any standard or industrial printer.

  • Customisable size and shape
  • Numerous materials available
  • Suitable for labelling machines

Blank roll labels

Blank roll labels are the ideal solution for professionals who need to print their own labels themselves. They can be printed using a thermal printer or a classic inkjet printer, and they are distributed on customisable rolls. You can choose your preferred material for your blank roll labels, the format and dimensions of them, the distance between one label and the other, and lots more configuration options. It is easy to order them on this page in just a few clicks by selecting your ideal customisation options. You will get bespoke labels ready to be printed with your artwork when needed.

Order blank labels for printers

The labels for printers are distributed on a roll. On this page, you can select your preferred configuration options to give the roll the characteristics you want:

  • Material: the blank roll labels are available in white polypropylene, coated paper or uncoated paper, and in natural white paper. The choice of material depends on the type of printer you use and the result you want to achieve.
  • Format and dimensions: for the label, you can choose one of the pre-defined formats (circle, square, oval or rectangle) or a custom format where you are free to select the width and height.
  • Unwind direction and output direction: the blank labels can be distributed on the outside or inside of the roll. You can also choose the output direction of the label compared to the roll itself.
  • Roll diameter: you can select the inside diameter of the roll.
  • Number of labels per roll: you can choose the number of labels on each roll and the number of rolls you require.
  • Cutting method: the blank labels are kiss cut. As they are cut for a machine, it is only the adhesive material that is cut, not the backing.

Thermal labels for professional use

Thermal labels are special blank labels that can be printed using a thermal printer, which uses heat and not ink to print the image on the material. There are two types of thermal printer: thermal transfer printers and direct thermal transfer printers. Thermal transfer printers have a ribbon (plastic ink ribbon) and produce high-quality prints in black and white or colour, on various materials. Direct thermal transfer printers, on the other hand, are faster but they can only print in black and white on a thermal material, which is much cheaper. Please remember that for direct thermal transfer printers, you need to choose a thermal material. The classic paper labels and polypropylene labels are not suitable for this type of printing.

Blank labels for inkjet printing

Our blank labels can also be printed using traditional inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are commonly used in offices to create address labels, mailing labels and price labels. The possibility of customising the roll allows you to create the perfect blank labels for your printer.

Blank labels and custom labels

In addition to blank roll labels, you can also find lots of other label models in our online catalogue. Our custom labels include roll labels suitable for all kinds of different uses; they will help you create strong branding for your products: beer labels, wine labels, tamper-proof seals and much more.