Luxury Labels

A premium product deserves a premium label. For an elevated experience, give your products the polished look they deserve: choose from a variety of premium papers and add exclusive finishes to showcase your elegant design.

Custom Luxury Labels

Luxury Labels will give your products' packaging an elegant and sophisticated look. They are predominantly used in the wine industry but are also suitable for many other applications. Your wine or spirit bottles will look like true works of art! Make the details of your label shine or give your logo a special three-dimensional effect. You can choose from many premium finishing options to achieve the desired look for your adhesive labels.

Configure your Luxury Labels through this page, place your order in a few clicks and upload your print file to complete the purchase! You will receive them directly at your office.

The Enhancement of Luxury Labels

The enhancement allows you to enrich the appearance of the labels. Here are the premium finishing options you can choose for customising your Luxury Labels:

  • Holographic lamination: enchant your customers with a magical rainbow effect. Make your logo or the name of the product shine with its own light!
  • Spot varnish: add depth to the printing details, through the application of 3D varnish. A visually and tactilely pleasing effect for the graphic elements you choose.
  • Hot foil printing: add shine to certain areas of the print, through a gold, silver, or copper effect for a metallic and brilliant result.
  • Embossed printing: make certain details of the print three-dimensional, through embossing the material.
  • Casted printing: highlight the label details with a shiny metallic and three-dimensional effect.

Customising Luxury Labels

On this page, you have the option to select the customisation options you prefer for printing your new Luxury Labels: material, format (standard or custom), dimensions, finish and enhancement, reel winding, winding direction, inner diameter of the reel, distance between labels, and number of labels per reel.

We recommend downloading the Template and Instructions from the page, which will help you correctly set up your print file. If you do not yet have a file ready for printing, you can choose to create one easily:

  • Designer: allows you to create your graphics directly on our site, easily and for free, through an online editor.
  • Graphic service: our professional graphic designers can help you create your print file, by creating a new project or modifying an existing file.

Luxury Labels and other adhesive labels on a reel

At Pixartprinting, you will find a wide range of Roll labels, sorted by material, format, and purpose. The Professional Labels, such as Luxury Labels, are suitable for professionals who need to customise every detail of the label and reel to adapt them to their production processes.

In our catalogue, you can also find Custom Stickers, printable in single copies or on sheets. The choice is yours!