Tamper-Proof Seals

Add these customisable tamper-proof seals to your packaging to be certain that your packages and products reach your customers intact, without any interference en route. These highly durable stickers will show damage if excessive force is applied. Ideal for foods, electronics, luxury cosmetics and valuable accessories.

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Tamper-proof stickers: permanent stickers to ensure the integrity of your products

A tamper-proof seal is a particular type of permanent sticker that is used by manufacturers to guarantee the integrity of their packaging. The material that is made from prevents the contents from being tampered with, as the seal will be broken if the container is opened. With Pixartprinting, you can print customised tamper-proof stickers in just a few clicks. Select your preferred configuration options on this page and download the useful Template with Instructions from our Graphic Designers. They will help you to set up your print file easily and correctly. This will ensure that you get a top-quality result: tamper-proof seals printed in high definition with bright colours. The product can be delivered directly to your office (or home) through our fast and punctual shipping service.

Tamper-proof stickers for honey or jam jars

By law, some product categories are required to have a tamper-proof seal on their packaging. These products are particularly delicate and if they are tampered with they could have serious consequences on consumers' health. Examples of these products include honey and jam jars, as well as many other food products. The tamper-proof stickers cannot be removed without breaking them, so this helps to guarantee the integrity of the contents. With Pixartprinting, you can print tamper-proof stickers for honey or jam jars that are fully aligned with your company branding. The colours, graphics and tone of voice will completely reflect your business.

Why should I use tamper-proof seal stickers?

Tamper-proof labels are an excellent way to give your customers faith in the integrity of your product. These durable stickers reassure customers that your products have not been tampered with, potentially encouraging them to choose your products on shelves over the competition. They also reflect your commitment to safety and security, conveying your brand in a positive light. As you can add your company branding to the custom tamper-proof stickers, they can even act as an extra promotional tool to advertise your products and get your message across.

What information to print on tamper-proof stickers

Are you wondering what sort of information to print on the surface of your new tamper-proof stickers? You can use the stickers to make your company branding more visible or to give your customers extra reassurance about the integrity of the contents. Even something short and simple like “Tamper-proof seal” can make the difference.

What feature of your product do you want to highlight?

You choose the size and shape of your custom tamper-proof stickers

As is customary with Pixartprinting, we want you to have as many customisation options as possible so that you can fully tailor the product to your needs. With our tamper-proof stickers, you can choose your preferred shape. There are four pre-defined shapes to choose from: circle, square, oval or rectangle. Alternatively, you can choose your own shape and size using the “Custom size and shape” option. You can then enter your preferred dimensions too, in cm, in the width and height fields, giving you fully customised tamper-proof labels.

Other ways to customise your tamper-proof stickers

The tamper-proof stickers are made from white polystyrene and the material is pre-selected for you. However, once you have chosen the shape and size, there are other customisation options on the order form:

  • Output direction: 0 degrees, +90 degrees, 180 degrees or -90 degrees.
  • Label gapping (cm): for automatic labelling machines, enter the distance required by the machine. For manual labelling, the minimum distance will be sufficient. Minimum distance: 0.4 cm. Maximum distance: 10 cm.
  • Roll size: 1 roll (h 33 cm), 2 rolls (h 16.5 cm), 3 rolls (h 11 cm).

Of course, then you can add your own design to the tamper-proof labels to make them truly unique.

Design services

Need assistance creating the artwork for your custom tamper-proof stickers? Don’t worry, we have Design services and a Designer tool that can help. For a fee, our graphic designers can create your artwork from scratch based on your needs and ideas (File Creation service) or they can make amendments to existing artwork that you may have (File Revision service).

If you would prefer to create the artwork yourself but don’t have the resources, you can use our free online editor called Designer, where you can add text, images, shapes and backgrounds to build your ideal graphics. There is also a convenient preview option before submission.

Personalised tamper-proof stickers and other adhesive products for your needs

Customising and printing products with Pixartprinting is quick and easy. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or special requests, you can contact our Customer Support team. Our experienced advisors will be ready to help you at any stage of your purchase.

On our website, you can find all kinds of customised labels and stickers, in addition to tamper-proof seals. Roll labels are perfect for decorating your wine or spirit bottles, jars and boxes. Discover our wide range of printable materials and create unique labels aligned with your brand!