Herb and Spice Pouches

Our herb and spice pouches are ideal either for seeds for sowing or herbs for cooking. Ther resealable zip provides easy access to the contents, and the pouch can be opened time and again without affecting the product's aroma or properties.

  • Two models
  • Seven different sizes
  • Base can be printed

Customised packaging for herbs and spices: print flexible pouches for your products

With Pixartprinting, you can print customised packaging for herbs and spices that is fully aligned with your company's branding. The flexible pouches in film or paper/aluminium are ideal for perfectly preserving the contents during both storage and transport. The multi-layer technology that they are made with preserves the natural flavour and aroma of spices, herbs and condiments, protecting the product from recurring stress that can occur during distribution or display.

Our packaging for herbs and spices has two fundamental properties:

  • An impermeable barrier to liquids, aromas and moisture.
  • Flexibility and resistance to shock, tears and cuts. Both the film pouches and the paper/aluminium pouches have been designed to provide adequate protection at all stages of the production and distribution process.

On this page, you can create your new, original and effective flexible pouches for herbs and spices in just a few clicks. Select your preferred configuration options and download the handy template with instructions from our Graphic Designers. It will help you to set your print file up correctly to get the best possible result: herb and spice packaging that is fully aligned with your company's branding and printed in high definition!

Packaging for herbs and spices that meets your needs: flexible pouch models

On this page, you can choose from two different flexible pouch models:

  • Stand-up herb and spice pouches: as the name suggests, these unique stand-up pouches can balance without support. Their innovative shape allows you to display them conveniently on shelves or counters without any stands. The stand-up pouches are available in 5 formats:
    • 50 ml (8x13 cm)
    • 100 ml (9x16 cm)
    • 250 ml (11x15 cm)
    • 450 ml (13x22 cm)
    • 750 ml (15x25 cm)
  • Flat herb and spice pouches: designed to keep the contents visible and provide style and protection, the flat pouches are perfect for customised herb and spice packaging. They are available in the following formats:
    • 10 ml (4,5x13 cm)
    • 30 ml (8x11 cm)
    • 70 ml (6x24 cm)
    • 250 ml (15x17 cm)
    • 1100 ml (19x27 cm)

Customise your new herb and spice packaging online

Give your new packaging for herbs and spices the look you want. It's easy with Pixartprinting:

  1. Material: you can select the best material for your pouches. The high-barrier white film is made from PET, PE EVOH and PE, and it is resistant to oxygen, carbon dioxide and aromas. The high-barrier transparent film is made from the same materials but it allows you to see the contents of the pouch. The paper/aluminium is a material made from a combination of paper, aluminium and PE, and it ensures excellent protection against moisture and UV rays.
  2. Zip: you can add a zip to your new pouches so that your customers can enjoy resealable packaging for herbs and spices.
  3. Hang hole: the hole is ideal if you want pouches that are ready to be hung on display stands.
  4. Lamination: applying lamination to the surface of the pouches gives them a great look and feel.

Once you have chosen your preferred customisation options, download the template to find out how to set your print file up correctly, following the instructions from our graphic designers. The online quote generates automatically as you configure the product so you can see the final price of your new herb and spice packaging in real time.

Your new pouches will be delivered directly to your office or home through our fast and punctual shipping service.

More ideas for your new packaging for herbs and spices

On our website, you can find a wide range of products for custom packaging. Not only flexible pouches but also bespoke boxes and roll labels personalised with your graphics. At Pixartprinting, we love bringing your ideas to life. Don't limit your freedom of expression!