Food Containers

Planning an evening relaxing with a film and some popcorn? Our food containers are the ideal solution. Choose from the various designs made of Delipac© paperboard, which can withstand oil and grease from chips without affecting the food.

  • From 100 items
  • Four different sizes

Only the best for you

Are you looking for practical, high-quality products for your business? Now you can package your food products perfectly thanks to Pixartprinting's food containers. You can order the most suitable size from a choice of four options (5.3x5.3x12.5 cm, 8.5x8.5x20 cm, 9.8x6.2x21 cm and 10.8x6.8x24.2 cm). We have the perfect material for your boxes: Delipac paperboard.

  1. It can be frozen or heated in the microwave without its properties being affected.
  2. It is especially designed for packaging that will come into contact with food.
  3. Delipac features a special water-based coating making it resistant to the oil and grease released by food.
  4. It is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Practical applications

Our food containers are perfect for finger food, so you can use them in a number of contexts such as at the cinema or on food trucks. They are also ideal for trade fairs and events; they are so practical they are sure to please your customers.

Products to complement food containers

The website contains all the useful food packaging you could need for your products. It also has all the necessary tools for your hospitality and catering business, for example check out our sandwich boxes