Magazine Display Stand

Give your magazines and catalogues the visibility they deserve by displaying them on this magazine display stand, designed for showcasing your products to customers in your shop, at reception or in the office.

  • Six shelves
  • Can be folded down
  • Carry bag supplied

Maximize Your Impact with Magazine Display Stands

Are you searching for an effective way to promote your magazines? Impress your customers by showcasing your publications using our top-quality magazine display stands. Pixartprinting offers you a practical, convenient, and portable solution: the magazine display stand.

Featuring six magazine shelves (three on each side), these display stands can comfortably accommodate a substantial number of magazines. Their dimensions (with a base of 25.5 x 28 cm and a height of 141 cm) make them perfect for efficiently presenting a large amount of informational material in limited space. Our magazine displays are also highly portable, folding into convenient briefcases measuring 15 x 31 x 45 cm.

Various Applications for Magazine Display Stands

These magazine display stands are incredibly versatile and suitable for various settings. For example, they can enhance your business activities by adding an element of elegance to the presentation of your catalogues. Additionally, these magazine displays are a perfect fit for events such as trade fairs; they can be easily folded and transported after the event. Not only do they keep your magazines and catalogues organized, but they also allow your customers to browse through your magazine collection with ease.

Enhance Your Setup with Complementary Products

If you aim to create an elegant booth for an event, Pixartprinting offers a range of complementary tools to go along with your magazine display stands. For your promotional leaflets, consider using our tabletop display stands. Additionally, to make your contact information readily accessible, explore our selection of business card dispensers. Furthermore, with Pixartprinting, you can effortlessly print the magazines you intend to include in your magazine display stand.