Coloured plastic mailing bags

Send your packages, documents or products with our coloured plastic mailing bags. The three different colours and full customisation options allow you to create a unique envelope featuring your artwork and logo. Use them for sending out the clothes, bodycare products or handmade items bought in your online shop. The tearproof fastening means they are also perfect for important and confidential documents.

  • 3 colours available
  • Available with the same design front and back

Coloured mailing bags

Secure and stylish coloured mailing bags

Our coloured mailing bags are suitable for documents, clothes, accessories or various e-commerce products. They have a tearproof fastening to keep the contents secure and are made from a durable and waterproof plastic material. You can brighten up your shipping supplies by choosing our coloured mailing bags in a choice of three colours and customising them with your logo or other artwork.

Customised coloured mailing bags

The coloured mailing bags are made from low-density polyethylene, which is resistant and affordable. It has two layers to ensure that the contents of the bag cannot be seen. The bags can be customised as follows:

  • Format: available in two formats (25 x 35 cm or 35 x 45 cm).
  • Printing details: you can opt for a different print on the front and back, the same print on the front and back, or front only printing.
  • Printing colour: there are six colours you can print in or you can choose a custom Pantone.
  • Background colour: choose from three colours for the background of your coloured mailing bags.

Ordering coloured mailing bags from Pixartprinting

The first step is to complete the order form, entering your preferred customisation options. As you make your selections, a quote will automatically generate. When you are happy with your choices, select a quantity and estimated delivery date then download the Template and Instructions files. These will help you to ensure that your artwork meets our requirements for printing so that you get the best results.

Then, you can place your order, send us your artwork and wait for our high-quality coloured mailing bags to arrive at your door. If you have any questions at any point, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

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