Special Finish Envelopes

Our Special Finish Envelopes are the perfect way to attract the attention of your customers. Gold, silver and 3D varnish can emphasise your message by highlighting specific details, graphics or words. Among all the letters people receive every day, yours won't go unnoticed.

Foil envelopes for eye-catching printed communications

Attract attention with sophisticated foil envelopes

Brighten up your customers’ day and give your brand the visibility it deserves with striking finished envelopes. Adding a gold or silver foil, or selective varnish to your envelopes will make your communications stand out from the others your customers or prospects receive every day. You can use the special finishes to make certain details shine and attract more attention – giving you control over what the recipient’s eyes are most drawn to. The refined finishes also give the foil envelopes an elegant look, ideal if you want to give your branding a high-end feel.

Sizes of foil envelopes

Pixartprinting’s finished envelopes are available in one size: C6/5 (23 x 11 cm), which can fit A5 sheets folded once and A4 sheets folded twice.

Foil envelopes – Materials and special finishes

The finished envelopes are made from Classic Demimatt - Matt coated paper, a durable, white, matt coated paper weighing 115 gsm. The choice of special finishes includes selective varnish or gold or silver foil envelopes. The selective varnish gives certain details an embossed, gloss effect to make them stand out. The gold and silver foil, on the other hand, are hot stamped onto the print, making certain areas pop with a shiny, metallic effect.

How to order foil envelopes

The format, paper type, weight and printing colour are all pre-selected for you, so it only takes a few steps to print your finished envelopes:

  • Choose your preferred special finish from selective varnish, gold foil or silver foil.
  • Select your desired quantity and delivery date.
  • Choose how you want to create your print file. You can either upload your existing artwork to us or purchase one of our Design services to free you up for other tasks.
  • If you are sending us your artwork, download the template and instructions files to ensure you follow our graphic design team’s guidelines.
  • Place your order!

The process is designed to be as simple as possible but if you need any help or have any questions about the finished envelopes, please contact our Customer Support team for advice.

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