Double-Sided Deluxe Roll-Up

If one side just isn't enough for your message, choose our double-sided display with an even stronger and more durable frame. Easy to assemble and pack away, this communication tool can be used in any setting, from trade fairs and shops to museums. Double your advertising power!

  • Three different materials
  • Travel bag included
  • Prints can be ordered separately
  • Assembly instructions

Double-Sided Roll Up Banners: 360° Communication

In advertising, a good first impression is often considered invaluable for a company. How can you achieve this effect for your business? The answer is quite simple: with Pixartprinting's double-sided roll-up banners. Thanks to our double-sided roll-ups, it doesn't matter where visitors are at the fair or event where your company is participating, as your brand will be visible from all angles. 360° communication and advertising! Our double-sided roll-up banners feature an even more robust and sturdy structure than regular roll-ups. Additionally, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them the perfect ally for any company at a fair or event. What are you waiting for? Order your double-sided roll-up banners now!

Customize Your Double-Sided Roll Up Banners with Pixartprinting

If you want to start promoting your brand in 360°, you first need to choose from the various customization options we offer for double-sided roll-up banners:

  • Material: We offer three different materials for your double-sided roll-up banners: EcoFlat 398 g/m² (a multi-layer, wrinkle-resistant PVC, PET, PVC canvas), matte reverse fabric 240 g/m² (dense polyester fabric with a matte black reverse side), and PVC-free PET material.
  • Format: Double-sided roll-up banners are available in one size (85 × 200 cm).
  • Structure: You can choose whether you want both the printing and structure for your double-sided roll-up banners or just the printing.
  • Printing Features: If you prefer, we can print the same design on both sides or two different prints on each side of the banner.
  • Assembly: We can send you your double-sided roll-up banners already assembled and ready for use.

How to Order Your Double-Sided Roll Up Banners

To order your custom double-sided roll-up banners, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website and go to the Exhibitors section.
  2. Select from the customization options available for double-sided roll-up banners.
  3. Upload the print image file for your double-sided roll-up banners, using the provided template if needed.
  4. Choose the quantity of double-sided roll-up banners you want us to send and select a delivery date.
  5. Complete the payment.

That's it! Ordering your double-sided roll-up banners at Pixartprinting is incredibly simple.

Your Double-Sided Roll-Up Banners Designed by Graphic Design Experts

If you need assistance with the print file for your double-sided roll-up banners, remember that we have a Design Service with graphic design experts who are ready to help. Our graphic designers can either modify an existing print file that you provide and adapt it to your style and the double-sided roll-up banners, or they can create an entirely new print file. The choice is yours!

Double-Sided Roll-Up Banners and Many More Products!

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