Double-Sided Classic Roll-Up

If one side just isn't enough for your message, choose our Double-Sided Classic Roll-Up, the double-sided display with two customisable banners. Easy to assemble and dismantle, this communication tool can be used in any setting, from trade fairs and shops to museums.

  • Three different materials
  • Travel bag included
  • Prints can be ordered separately
  • Assembly instructions

Double-Sided Roll-Up Printing: Order Your Custom Displays

What if we told you that you could promote your brand, services, or products 360° at a trade show or event with a simple, easy-to-set-up, and high-quality element? This is precisely what Pixartprinting offers with double-sided custom roll-up printing.

These displays are ideal if you want to ensure that anyone visiting a trade show or event, and within sight of your booth, sees you.

If you order double-sided roll-up printing with Pixartprinting, we guarantee the success of your event.

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Customize and Order Roll-Up Printing

When it comes to double-sided classic roll-up printing, you can choose from various customization options to align them perfectly with your brand's image and ensure complete recognition. Want to know what they are?

  • Material: We offer three different materials for your double-sided roll-up printing. There's the 398 g/m² EcoFlat, a multi-layer, wrinkle-resistant vinyl canvas that blocks light. You can also choose double-sided roll-up printing on 240 g/m² fabric with a matte black reverse side or PET without PVC, a PVC-free PET material.
  • Printing Features: You can select double-sided roll-up printing with identical or different front and back designs, depending on your communication needs.
  • Format: We offer a single size for double-sided roll-up printing (85 × 200 cm).
  • Structure: In addition to roll-up printing, you can choose to have the structure delivered.
  • Assembly: We offer the option to receive the canvas attached to the structure, so your double-sided roll-ups are ready for use.

How to Order Your Double-Sided Roll-Up Printing

If you've decided to order custom double-sided roll-up printing, we have good news: the process is incredibly simple.

What do you need to do? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Select all the customization options you want for your double-sided roll-up printing.
  3. Upload your roll-up printing design file, using the template provided on our website to assist you.
  4. Whether you want one or more double-sided roll-ups, select a quantity and a delivery date.
  5. Wait for your double-sided roll-up printing to arrive and start enjoying 360° promotion of your brand.

Don't wait any longer to order your custom double-sided roll-up printing!

Roll-Up Printing Designed by Experts

Need help with your roll-up printing design? Would you like our graphic designers to take care of the entire process? If so, we recommend that you hire our Design Service, which is staffed by expert graphic designers dedicated to helping you create a flawless roll-up printing design.

Our designers can either modify an existing print file you provide or create a new one from scratch, applying their expertise to ensure perfection. Which option do you prefer for your roll-up printing?

Order Roll-Up Printing and More!

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