Paper menus

A practical and inexpensive folded menu in a range of paper types, with three folding methods and six sizes available, and the option of lamination on Matt or Gloss paper.

Personalised Paper Menu

Print Your Paper Menu or Restaurant Menu Online

Your paper menu is your presentation card to your audience. Therefore, it's crucial to take care of it and, with its design, attract the attention of both your customers and passersby on your terrace. With our folding menu in paper format, you can showcase your gastronomic offerings in a simple, convenient, and attractive way. Create an original paper restaurant menu with Pixartprinting by applying a unique design and distinctive colors to not only draw in customers but also to showcase your wonderful food and drink selections! Paper menus serve as informative tools and, at the same time, offer an intriguing promotional opportunity, especially on terraces.

Your Custom Paper Menu in Just a Few Clicks

Pixartprinting provides you the opportunity to create a paper menu completely tailored to your needs. Simply choose the format of your paper restaurant menu from a wide range of options: 9.8 × 9.8 cm, 14.8 × 14.8 cm, 21 × 21 cm, 9.8 × 21 cm, 10.5 × 29.7 cm, 21 × 29.7 cm. Depending on your chosen format, you can get a custom paper menu without folds or with up to 3 fold options. Next, select the most suitable paper type for your restaurant or bar menu, with four options: Classic Demimatt, Classic Gloss, Rembrandt, and Turner, all with a weight of 300 g. Furthermore, you can choose to print different front and back sides or just the front, and for certain paper types, you can also apply lamination to your paper menu.

Your Custom Paper Menu in a Few Clicks

Pixartprinting makes it incredibly easy for you. Once you've selected the characteristics of your paper menu, simply accept the quote, and you'll soon have your paper restaurant menu delivered to your doorstep, just as you requested. If you have any questions about your restaurant menu, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service! Our customers express a very high level of satisfaction with the products ordered on our website, and we are confident that you will also be pleased with your personalized menu!

Modern Paper Menus and More

Paper menus and modern restaurant menus are perfect means to inform your customers about your offerings and, if they feature an appealing graphic design, to attract the attention of potential new customers. At Pixartprinting, in addition to your own paper menu, we offer other excellent options to ensure the success of your establishment, such as our extensive range of Tableware and Table Textiles. Another intriguing proposal, if you offer takeout food, is our Hospitality Packaging. And if you wish to present yourself as a true chef or perfectly outfit your employees in line with your establishment's image, then our offering of Hospitality Clothing will surely interest you. Your restaurant menu and all sorts of personalized items for the hospitality industry are available at Pixartprinting!


Below, we've answered some frequently asked questions regarding paper menus:

  • Why use a custom paper menu? Your restaurant or bar menu is the business card of your establishment, which is why it's crucial to personalize it with your aesthetics and logo. A quality, comfortable, informative, and visually appealing paper menu is an added attraction for your venue. It allows you to showcase your entire culinary offering while adding a special touch to your dining experience. It's essential that the restaurant or bar menu is also clear so that customers can easily select their dishes or drinks.
  • What menu paper models can I choose from on your website? At Pixartprinting, we offer a simple and practical folded paper menu, available in various sizes and rectangular or square formats. Additionally, we offer rectangular PVC menus that are more rigid, durable, and hygienic. You can also explore our personalized restaurant menu proposal in the form of tabletop signs, available in different dimensions, perfect for bars or highlighting daily specials or signature dishes.
  • How can I customize my paper menu with Pixartprinting? You can personalize your paper menu by selecting the size and material you prefer, along with exclusive finishes for personalized menu cards in tabletop sign format. Additionally, you can incorporate your graphic design, logo, photos, and dishes that represent your bar or restaurant and align with its aesthetics. At Pixartprinting, you can customize your paper menu to match your exact vision.